No Smoking Day
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Day 2! Are you with me titch?

Bonjour Everyone

Feeling good... going skiing in France tomorrow for a week with 15 non smokers sorry 16 including ME lol should be fun

BUT... today is going to be crazy work all day and I have not even got a suitcase sorted never mind start packing and I have to go by appropriate clothing at some stage today to actually put in the suitcase lol so I know I am going to be stressed to the hilt later on... on the other hand at least I will have plenty to do and keep me busy so maybe it will be a good thing... thinking positive :D


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Bonjour Kelu, you are going to have such a fantastic time in France, and imagine how fantastic you are going to feel will all those other non smokers, instead of being the only one puffing out of the crowd :eek:

Well done you, have a brilliant trip, look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Au Revoir

Lorraine :)



Glad to see ya still here titch!!

Im good today trying to stay calm under pressure! Im really looking forward to going away all that fresh mountain air to fill my lungs instead of smoke!!!

Still trying to think one day at a time its really helping me stay in control!

How are you feeling today?



Keep going you two!!!

Kelu and Titch

Nice work...keep it going...seems only a moment ago I was posting on my Day 2 and here I am on day 7...

Skiing and smoking don't mix so you'll have a great time...I too am green with envy




Hopefully see you in week 2!!!! imagine!!! I know what you mean about the thoughts of never smoking again that thought right now is a little daunting verging on intimidating but I think that is something I will come to terms with over time not in just one day... but for today I am not smoking... was a lovely feeling last night going to bed having not smoked! My lungs feel bigger and cleaner already lol

Au revoir

see you in week 2........;)



Kelu & Titch - you guys are doing great, stay strong and stick together as quit buddies - you'll find it helps.

Enjoy skiing :)

Au revoir


Enjoy your skiing... how lucky you are...

You'll be able to breath in that wonderful mountain air and have more energy to ski than you would have if you were smoking... also it's great that you're amongst non-smokers... no temptations from them!!!

Have fun - stay safe and enjoy (just a teeny bit jealous here!) :p

Rachael x


I'ma soa sollie I noa unestand french but you have a great time and so good to see you guys on day 2. Plus defrog fantastic man being on day 7, I see you survived the beer last night have not had time to put something on that post.

BTW I saw the message you left me re Brendon and now can't find it but I will.



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