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No Smoking Day
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Day 9!!!

I cannot beleive I have made it to day 9,

The cravings are becoming less and less everyday, and its only a couple of times a day when i get a real urge to have one.

Most of the time, its not the actual smoking, its the habit of leaving my desk at 10.30 and going out for one.

At home i have no cravings.

I really feel this is it with me and the cigs.

I have more energy and a spring in my step.

Go me! woop!

2 Replies

Woop you go for it.

My goodness you sound so full of energy, that's fantastic so here you are on day 9 a whole week done and on your way to 2 weeks.

Well done, just a small thing, please beware of the nico demon he can be very tricky, so stay on your guard, remember NOPE (not one puff ever).

Hope you have some great treats planned for yourself.


Hi Ralph :D

Day 9 is great well done

I'm really pleased to hear that you have very few craves




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