No Smoking Day
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hello to day number 3

Just a little update;

I've managed not to have a cigarette since Sunday and not feeling too bad - although think I've now developed an addiction to coffee (should change to decaf!) can't seem to get enough of it.

Today is going to be hard as yesterday my husband gave up smoking too, he's trying the lozenges and said that everyone in his work have been really supportive!

At least now both of us are going smoke free even if my husband said his reason was to keep me company! I think I gave him a shock when I sent him the link to he was really taken back by Bryan’s story.

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Well done on Day three. The nicotine should be pretty much out of your system by now so the cravings are more to do with habit and association.

Yes, I also developed a desire to drink vast quantities of coffee.



Well done, keep up the good work, read as much as you can about the addiction to nicotine it will help you to understand what is happening to you. Come on here and ask any questions you may have we will always try to help.



Hi I'mtryingto :D

3 days is great well done to you and OH even if he say's he's just keeping you company :D



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