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Hello~12 weeks 3 days

Well.......I am here and feeling okay. I feel great not smoking but have to admit I am still using the gum. I have been a lot more cognesant over the past few days about putting off having a piece. Yesterday was 4 pieces....and the day before. Today is and being Friday night. I know that I won't smoke....I am just procrastinating with not wanting to deal with that empty feeling that you can do nothing about. Even considered chewing the caffinated gum sad. I hate this addiction.

I really can't imagine when around others doing smoking it smells weird to me...almost foreign. I occasionally miss the break aspect of it.

I know people pooh pooh NRT because it keeps you addicted to nicotine but I can definitely see the idea as a whole. It breaks the psychological part of the habit and the associations you have with getting nicotine by smoking a cigarett. Once you get through that to get off the NRT you can deal somewhat with the nicotine withdraw without reaching for a smoke. That is honestly the last thing I would consider doing right now. Living without those nasty things has been I just need to be more staunch about the gum!

Hope everyone is doing well! I am going to go read posts now!


quit 7: 39 year old married mom of 4, EX-SMOKER:-) Method: nic gum.

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Well done hannamarie.

I am 2 weeks behind you and dont think I could have done it without the nrt. I used the patch for 6 weeks and it is easy to stop. Just try replacing the nrt gum with ordinary gum


Hi Hannamarie :D

Well done you on 12 1/2 weeks smoke free keep it going


Marg xxxxx


hey hanna,

sounds like your doing great. 12 weeks is awsome -

i guess you will stop the gum when you are ready. I never heard of someone dying from chewing too much gum so i think you should be fine! :D

its funny you should mention the break thing. ive found myself getting absorbed in something for hours without taking a break and found that regular cups of tea help to make sure i at least get up and move around occasionally!

congrats again on 3 months.



Congratulations to you :) and what a difference it is now compared to those earliest days and weeks eh :)

Its been a hell of a journey so far, but the right one to make and we know it 100%. The benefits we'll keep on seeing, its just a matter of staying quit now and constantly making sure we never go back to our old ways, not even 1.. not even one puff of a smoke.. totally off them.

You can wean yourself off the gum easier than off smoking though.. just set your plan and stick to it I would say. Replacing with normal gum is a good idea, but the best thing you must do is not to fear coming off the gum now. The gum was just a method to get you off the cigarettes which has worked.. and now you just lower your dosing of the gum and soon cut it out totally.

I've today stopped using my patches a day early, so i'm sampling life without nicotine now, and its great so far, nothing at all is bothering me, i'm pretty calm all around. So it might not be as difficult as you think to wean off the gum.

Good luck, i'm certain you'll do ok



Well done Hanna that is fantastic....a big WELL DONE to you ....keep up the good work!!!xxxx


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