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Hello Day 3!


I have to say i was exhausted after day 2. That was one tough day especially considering all the hours i had to work. The good news is that i slept well for about 9 hours. Pretty broken sleep actually, 2-3 hours at a time but i didn't have any problem going back to sleep again after i woke.

So i've changed shifts at work, working midnight to midday now. This is half way through my 3rd day already. I'm expecting this day to be easy, i hope i'm right.

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you never know. first 4 days were rough for me but at least 1 week to feel normal. so expect the unexpected.

Well, saying day 3 is going to be easy might be a little overconfident. My day 2 wasn't very nice, i'm just hoping it will be easier than that.

So far so good. :)

Hi Tao I see you managed some sleep at least I found at the begining my sleep pattern was abysmal but its ok now, make sure you are getting plent of fluids like I said as you can become dehydrated quite quickly, have a good third day and will catch you tomorrow night sleep tight.

make sure you are getting plent of fluids like I said as you can become dehydrated quite quickly

Thanks for the reminder. I just started on another litre of water.

Well it is quite amazing how quickly i can change from feeling good to feeling bad. Headaches have started and getting a bit of lock jaw now. Great.


Now i feel just as bad as yesterday. Not so much craving cigarettes - i just feel like i'm going insane. :eek:

Hi, can't work out if we are on the same day or not because of the time difference! not that it matters.

Looks like you have had a tough few days - well done for sticking to it.

Hope you have a good day (or night!!)

We are on the same day more or less. I've just about finished my day 3. Feeling ok now, but yes, it was pretty rough going earlier on. Seems like about 6 hours after i wake up i get hit hard for a few hours. That's two days in a row like that.

Anyway, don't let me put you off. Have a great day 3 and don't give up.

I will get easier James - promise :)

Stick with it - when the craves hit take some deep breaths, drink some water, eat something whatever works for you. They're gone in a matter of seconds.

And keep posting - it does help to put down how you're feeling and there's usually someone around either going through the same or who's been through it.

Hi too the both of you Tao and Zmc you are both hitting the same time and have to say for a lot of people the 3 day marks can be pretty crummy but stick wiyh it as others have said it does get better but you have to go through certain fases to get to the good bits, but come on admit it you are feeling good to have the will power to have stayed smoke free even if its only for 3 days, we all stared there and we all thought we wouldnt make it past the week but check out the crowd of us still going strong as you will too, keep the fluid up as I said it help tremendously to keep you detoxed and helps the body heal itself x

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