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CONFESSION.......(a fag in my mouth)..i could have put that better lol

This is the brief story of an arsehole.

last night i went to the pub to watch the football and a supposed friend of mine (dirty smelly smoker) was there. This supposed friend, who knows ive given up, was taking the piss all night saying "you'll never give up, here,one wont hurt you etc etc" this culminated in him actually sticking a fag under my nose. So, i took the fag and put it in my mouth looked him in the eye and said "Nah, have it back i wouldnt want to deprive you of your cough in the morning" I think i did quite well in a) not punching him in the head in the first place b) not caving in c) making him look the arshole he is.....needless to say he is off my christmas card list.

hang in there


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WOO HOO how good did you feel after that!

Well done you



I'd have thrown it in his pint :)

Good for you for not caving in, they try all these crazy tricks these smokers.. they are worried in case you succeed, and you do everything to make sure you don't fail.

Keep your head strong if folk you know are trying tricks like that.. what a lousy thing for your mate to try to do. Just because he doesn't have the strength to quit, doesn't mean you are the same.

so well done for the come back line you shot back at him.. bet that hurt him.


well done Jack! that guy seems like a real ass*ole!

however, let's not put all people in the same bag! when I was a smoker I never did anything like that and had a lot of respect for those able to quit. this guy is a real t*at, noit because he is a smoker but because he just is!

I never want to become one of these ex smokers who lecture and judge constantly. People make their own choices and as long as there is respect on all sides, we have no right to become judgmental.

I am a non drinker, despite being French! I never liked the taste, apart from the odd rose wine and champagne. Every time I go out, there are always people who push and push and push, wanting me to drink alcohol despite my clear distaste of it. so stupid people are everywhere!


I must admit that when people used to tell me they had quit smoking I would be green with envy...think this is what this bloke is feeling. Glad you put him right in his place!

Well done for resisting as well!

JJ xxx


Well done Jack,

I would've snapped the fag and thrown it on the floor in melodramatic way and flounced off in disgust. But that's just me. Total drama queen!!

Next time you're out with your "friend" carry a picture of a smoker's dying , black lungs and show it to him every time he lights up. Revenge is sweet my dear

PP xx


Well done Jack he wasn't much of a friend eh.



Go Jack.....wish I'd been there to see his face....:D


oh ah!

what is that?? i think ppl who dont actually give a shit about u would do crap like time throw a pint round him and soggy his fags! good for u!!!


:eek:What a creep....hes no friend....I woulda put it in his pint:D


Good Job and well done. More control then I would have had. I would have decked him LOL.


Hi Jack :D

Well done you for not caving in when a so called friend did that to you

Keep going that was a huge trigger but you did it




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