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No Smoking Day
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Day 1 tomorrow (2nd time!)

Hi all

I gave up 8 days ago as I had a horrid chest infection and ended up on anti-biotics and an inhalor! I've smoked since I was 19 (now 37) and desperate to give up.

Today, my chest was feeling a bit better........and I couldn't get the idea of having a fag out of my mind.....so what did I do? I had one. It was horrid, but the nicotine was back in my body and I've had 2 more since.

I'm determined to quit and am trying again tomorrow.

Anyone else starting tomorrow?

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Don't quit tomorrow quit right now. Put them down and don't pick them up. Waiting a day might make ya feel like waiting another. Whats another day after all right? Put them down and never pick them up again.


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