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No Smoking Day
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Why quit now?

Kristina, 15, Mat 14, Anna 12, Samantha 6, Collin 3 and Zachary almost 6 months. My grandkids. I want to be around to see them grow up....see my great grandkids.

My health. It ain't what it used to be back when I was 18. At 56 I struggle to breath and walk and at least now that I quit I can talk. I have the breathe to do that now. Before I would cough and cough and never be able to carry on a conversation....ppat

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For years now I have promised myself I would quit. I think it has taken that time for me to realise the hold that cigs had over me and the lies they told. What actually made it all click in my head was that I was in an abusive relationship. When I finally saw through that and got out of it I swore to myself that I would never again let anything control me and cigarettes are the biggest controller in my life. The longer I am without them the better I will be and soon my body will be healed and the pain I am feeling now will be worth it. In short, I am quitting for ME


That is what it is all about Mark. If we don't rescept ourselves enough to quit for us then nothing else will matter. My Grandkids are a BIG part of why I quit thou....ppat


Its all about the money, money, money

Its simply to expensive to justify paying £8 a day nearly on smoking when I could put the £14,600 I will save over 5 years towards buying a house in 5 years time when I want a family. Also hate the idea of when I eventually have children that I cant be active with them due to smoking. Both of my parents have never smoked. Also my mum and girlfriend are so happy i've packed it in that if I start again now they'd be heartbroken. Onwards & Upwards Smoke Free



The truth is I only quit be because my family were all quitting so I didn't want to feel left out.. Wanted to be apart of the quitting gang.:D..

It wasn't money as I got my Baccy dirt cheap

I liked smoking as it gave me sumthing do all day

But now. Everyone who I quit with have been smoking for the last month or so. But iv carried on as smoking makes u stink. I don't miss yellow teeth. I don't miss having cold hands and feet

I'm into my 4th month now and I'm starting to feel the benifits of a non smokers life.


Kids. I dont want them to smoke.


Great to see your still going strong ppat :)

my reasons started out because of my grandson but then became for me and my grandsons

holding my second new born just over 6 weeks quit inspired me and helped keep me motivated not to ever be a smelly nanny again

changing my mindset also helped as i wanted to keep the power that i had won



Anyone need a reason to quit???

I was diagnosed with Emphysema today.

My days are numbered. But, I have given myself time...because I quit smoking. ppat


Ppat i'm so sorry to hear that. There just arent the words. x


Thank you everyone.

We moved into a house in 2001. After we moved in the basement flooded and then it just went down hill from there. It got moldy and I couldn't keep up with the mold. Within 2 years of buying the house I was diagnosed with COPD. Since I knew the mold was causing me problems I ended up walking away from the house. (I walked away after my husband died in 2008). Stupidly I blamed it on the house ( and smoking) but continued to smoke. I walked away from the house but kept smoking knowing that I had COPD.

It wasn't until December of last year when I decided enough was enough. I was tired of coughing so bad I couldn't breath. Carrying on a conversation with anyone was a nightmare as I would start hacking away and turn red in the face from coughing. I finally just quit talking to everyone. But I still coughed through those blasted cancer sticks.

I made the descision to quit on New years Eve. I smoked my last cigarette at 9:35 Pm. Cleaned up my smoking area, removed my ash tray, put on the patch and went to bed. Woke up New years day and never looked back. Believe it or not....I have not had a hack attack since New Years Eve.

I am also a 11 year Breast Cancer survivor. I quit back then (2001) but didn't last 2 months. This time I am going to make it to the Penthouse and beyond. I will manage my syptoms and do everything I can to slow down this process. I just thank God I was not put on Oxygen yet.

I also came home from the Drs yesterday and told the boyfriend he has to smoke outside from now on. And, I turned the Air Purifier up to high.

I will continue to fight this and this diagnoses was a confirmation that I did the right thing. ppat


What an inspiration.

ppat - sending you all the best wishes in the world and thank you so much for sharing. You dont know how helpful it is to others.


Hi PPat, good for you for not smoking. My sister has been diagonsed with Emphysema and is still smoking I dont think she will ever quit. I really worry about her and she keeps getting colds that end up on her chest and I can hear her chest rattling it is awful and she is only 53! At least you are giving your self a fighting chance... if you quit apparantly the disease does not get anyworse.

Good luck.xxx


Thank you guys for the words of encouragement. It's so funny. I quit smoking, then ended up in the hospital with pmeumonia and now the Emphysema. I really wish I would of stopped for good years ago but later is better than never. I don't want to be one of the people who take the oxygen mask away from their face to smoke a fag....ppat


Thanks Karri. I have lived through alot. I have lost 2 children, 1 infant and one as an adult. I buried my soul mate a little over 4 years ago, 2 brothers and both parents. I am right now waiting to hear that my sister has passed.

I have fought many demons in my life but have managed to pick myself up and keep going.

I know that I am fighting one of my last battles and that some day it will win. But, I will keep fighting until I don't have a breath left in me. And I plan on that being a VERY long battle...LOL...ppat


Thank you Karri...where do I get my strength? I get it from my mom. She was the strongest person I knew. Raised 7 kids with an alcholic husband ( my dad). She always managed to get threw whatever God gave her to handle and never complained.

She unfortunately died from Lung Cancer in 1997. She quit smoking in 1956 when I was born with a whole in my heart. (The heart cleared up) To this day I still miss her and I talk to her up in heaven all the time. She earned her wings here on earth.

Whenever I feel sorry for myself I just think of her and she gets me through whatever trial I am going threw. My Mom is my Rock and always will be. My children and grandchildren give me the incentive to keep on going and never stop my quit....ppat

ps....yes, I believe I took what you are saying in the right way and I thank you. I just do what I have to.


I just stumbled across this sad thread. I'm lost for words :(

I wish you all the best and hopefully god shines upon you favorably.


Ah, rogue...it isnt supposed to be sad. One day it will be, when I am called to rest. but until then sweetie...I am going to keep going and live each day to the best of my ability. I truely believe I gave myself time by quiting. Each extra day I have is a gift, I will not waste it.

If, I can help ONE person quit by telling my story, then I have done good. If ONE person never starts smoking because of my story, I did good. If ONE less person dies from Cancer then I have done good. And when my days are over I can go in peace because I did the very best I could...ppat


Hi ppat - couldn't read this without just saying ... well, I'm struggling for words actually. So just sending hugs.




You guys are the best, thank you for listening to me, for encouraging me and just being here.

Mr Dr. told me that my cholesterol is very high....I go back for another blood test the end of next month. I promise each and everyone of you that it will be down. I have started swimming, exercising and today I joined a health club. Not sure about the health club...right now I am on a 2 week free trial membership. After 15 minutes in that place I am aching pretty bad. I am already looking forward to getting in the pool tomorrow....

Oh, yea, I also changed my diet. I am trying to eat more heart healthy!!! ppat


Love your posts ppat.They are inspirational. x

My OH is on statins and it's been suggested to my sis that she takes them cos of her high cholesterol. No one could could eat more healthily, exercise as much or be more fit generally than she is. She's fanatical about all that stuff, but has always had high cholesterol.I think her reading was 7.5.


Day 12 without smoking after 35 years

Hi all, I have tried loads of times to quit but this time I want to mean it!!!!! Have previously been x2 to NHS quit clinics and stopped each time as long as used the patches. This time I used patches for first 5 days then cold turkey. Have had about 5 lozenges in the past week but am trying not to use them at all. I quit this time as my anxiety levels were so high about my health and life in general; the smoking was less and less a crutch and support and more an added anxiety. And I was sick of being one of the few folk I know who smoke. On day 12 of quit I am struggling, I don't want a cig but feel I am not being my "normal" self. Physically I am sleeping very badly, over eating but drinking loads of water and trying to eat well. Am eating buckets of fruit drops and butter scotch sweets. My chest feels tight though I am not coughing, my nose is running and my bones ache!!! And I am really short tempered and irritable!


First of all welcome to the forum Tubbsy :)

and second


Thats a great achievement most of what you are feeling is the side effects and with drawels to stopping smoking and they will get better

just remember your body is going through alot of stages of getting used to not having its daily fixes and because its been a big part of your life for such a long time you now have got to relearn to do things without a ciggy either before during or after it is achieveble and you will get there

your emotions are going to be all over the place too i know it can be scary to think what the hell is going on but learning about what your body is going through will help you to understand that your not going mad or losing it your just going through the withdrawel stages of quitting

keeping a positive mindset and ignoring that smoking side and whatever it says to try and get you back to smoking its normally one wont hurt or one will help which is all lies as one leads to another and another till your in that vicious addictive cycle again

concentrating on one day at a time and saying i dont not smoke anymore will help to reinforce your quit

keep reading and posting on here




Hey Pat, sorry for your news but you know yyou can have many many years of greatness. My mum has COPD badly and she only quit about 18 month ago after 48 years smoking. SHe lost 30% use of her lungs and she aint gettng much better since her quit ( one of the unlucky ones ) but, i guess the proces is slowing hdown for her too. Like you my mum is a rock, she gets through anything without ever complaining very similer back round to you. I look at her now and think " i dont everwant to end up like that " shence my quit now, so by the time i get to 60 i would of stopped 26 years and my lungs will hopefully be that of someone who never smoked.

I love your spirit, hearing how you cope, its sad in terms of health but im so happy i come across this as people like you give people like me hope! hearing what you gone through, lost and still come out smiling is all we can ask for ifthat ever happens to us and it can, in an instant it can happen. But having that strength is something else, no force can ever match you.

d xx


Thanks DJC33, that is all I ask.....to be able to help some one else quit so they don't have to go through what I am going through.

Today my daughter told me she wants me to help her quit when I get out to Texas next month. I sent her the link to this forum so she can get the support from all of us. I must admit, it made me feel good and stand just a little taller knowing my daughter wants to quit....ppat


You are an inspiration to us all. I'm sure inspiring your daughter to quit is the icing on the cake for you. I came across this thread at a time when I was having wobbles and it gave me a dose of determination - I didn't really know what to say at the time. I thank you for that and wish good luck to your daughter on her quit. Of course we will all offer her all the support we can.


Hi Pat, I'm sure you will be a great help to your daughter with her quit. Send her here when she is ready.



Just found this thread and had to add my support and good wishes to the long list of those who have already posted them.

You really are an inspiration.

Helen x


I have been so crazy busy that I just haven't had time to post. My bad. Any way.....the fags are not done with me yet. 2 days ago I was driving and the thought popped into my head to stop and buy a pack of smokes. No idea where it came from but I scared it so bad it is on the other side of the world now.

No, I did NOT buy any fags...NOPE!!! Not One Puff Ever!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and to those who don't celebrate it...have a great day!! I thank each and everyone one of you for your support and help and just reading my posts. God bless us all in our battle to quit....ppat


Thank you Karri. It was a great Thansgiving. The babies just loved the heck out of all the food and games and the adults enjoyed each others company.

Hope yours was good also....ppat


Time to update this thread.

Last I wrote was Thanksgiving 2012. For Christmas my 4 year old grandson ran into my back and put me down. I ended up having surgery in Jan. 2013 on 2 herniated disks ( Low back) and disk fragments against my nerve bundle. I never had so much pain in my life. I flew home New Years and had surgery 2 weeks later.

Since then I have stayed pretty close to home. I went back out to San Antonio because my car was there but before I could leave my daughter was in a horrific accident and my car was totaled. She was fine and that was all that counted. I took the insurance money and put it down on a different car.

I started doing the Relay for Life in my city 3 years ago. Since then I have joined the Committee and started a team for the Relay. 2nd year on Committee, 1st with a team. Plus, I drive Cancer patients to and from treatments.

Some days I don't know if I am coming or going...LOL But, I enjoy what I do and I know that it makes a difference....ppat


You are a truly amazingly inspirational person!!! What a story!!!! Glad to hear you sounding so positive!


Why thank you sjt13. I am not amazing in any way. I have just seen what cancer ( and smoking) does to a person. I have stage 3 Emphysema and lost my mom to Lung cancer. A niece and Aunt to breast cancer. I am a 14 year survivor.

I just want to pay it forward. And if I can end Cancer in my lifetime I will die happy. That is my driving force! To end Cancer.

I never want my grandchildren to hear that they have Cancer or some one they love has to go threw that battle. I will lead the way to Finish the fight and end Cancer....ppat


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