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Day 9 - Like a dream

I'm so pleased I've had nausea for almost 2 days, my body seems to agree with Champix now! did feel spaced out after my morning tablet but otherwise, I've recovered my appetite (oh dear!) and feeling good.

I'm now in my second week smoke free and third week on Champix and I really hope I continue to sail through, no craving and not even a thought for the death sticks! ;)

I have also decided to give my ex a chance and we are back together. he is quite supportive and I hope we can work through our issues :D


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Thats fantastic Corinne:D keep up the good work you are doing great.


wow big stuff happening, good for you.

I really hope you contine to sail through also, but please remember one day at a time, and NOPE (not one puff ever).

Glad to hear that u and him are giving it another go, sounds like u r really happy.

Stay strong and know we are here for you if and when you need us.


well done Corrine, so glad to hear your sickness has passed at long last. Like you I have been eating like crazy once the nausea past.:rolleyes:

Good luck with your relationship too...u sound really happy...:)



Thanks guys ... I know I have to be careful and not feel complacent but yesterday I had a very stressful day at work (things are rather bleak and getting worse) and I still didn't feel like smoking! I felt like punching someone though!! :o


Go ahead and punch someone....just don't light up! :D

You're doing great...keep it up!

JJ xxx


You're doing great. Keep it going one day at a time.

Some people have reported mood swings/anger with Champix so maybe that's why you wanted to punch someone! Or maybe they were just getting on your nerves because they were being stupid.



thanks JJ... I am VERY tempted with a bit of physical violence ... but that wouldn't be very lady-like! lol!

your quit date is the same as mine! how are you doing?


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