No Smoking Day
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day 1

First day almost over - its been as easy as I thought it would be.;)

Haven't given it much thought today at all. Went to bed last night and prepared the house for giving up today such as clearing anything away that would remind me. We don't smoke in the house anyway so no ashtrays laying around.

Had a couple of pangs - but sharply reminded myself that I no longer smoke and reached for the faithfull lozenges.

OH has promised not to smoke anywhere near me - not even in the garden or come home smelling of it. It would make it so difficult without his support.

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Welcome Flowers, :)

That's a nice positive post for your day 1. I hope that things continue that way for you.

Keep up with the forum and chat away with others that are going through the same experiences as you.

Shout out if you need anything and rant LOUDLY when you're pissed off :cool:



Hiya Flowers! Well done getting through your day 1. Hope day 2 goes well for you. Glad you have such great support at home but post anyways if you find yourself struggling at any point! Good luck :)


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