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Day 9 now - survived the weekend!


This is getting easier by the day!

I had a big night out on Saturday, lots of booze involved - and apart from a few extra puffs on the inhalator it went ok and I wasn't tempted!

I even forgot to change my patch yesterday and didn't realise until the old one started itching.... :o Looks like I might be able to go down to the lower dose ones sooner rather than later!

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9 days is great hang in there pleased to hear that it's going so well for you


Marg xx

Grrr the patches seem to be getting itchier! My arm's still itching for a few days ago and I have a lovely red blob where I just took one off! I just had a shower and I'm not going to stick one on til I go to bed so my skin can have a rest! (I could wait til the morning, but I'm getting quite attached to the vivid dreams now! :D)

You're doing great MCW!

Think I'll be requiring longer on champix due to the dreams ;)

Day nine how bloody fantastic is that!!! Well done on the week-end, it's hard but do-able.

Christine xx

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