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Hi - my reasons


Newbie here,

My names Claire, I'm 36yrs and have been a smoker since I was 14yrs. I've had 3 failed attempts at giving up smoking. The longest I've lasted was for 3months.

At first I find quitting quite easy, however I get to the 3 month mark and cave.

I started smoking again about a month ago after quiting for about 2 months.

I'm now ready for another go - a real go. Getting kinda fed-up with failing - not something I'm use to.

My reasons for quitting are. Example to the kids (I've got 4), the oldest one smokes, she's 18yrs:(.

I'm tired of sinking of smoke - when I quit smokers would come up to me - and wow they stunk!

Also I have thyroid and this always improves my symptons when I quite.

Also my breathing! Since starting again my breathing is already wheezy and my anxiety levels are through the roof!

Anyhoo - that's my reasons! Ooh and my day quit day is Monday - bring it on!:cool:

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Hi Flowers,

welcome to the forum! This place here for many has been the 'missing link' in their previous quit attempts and I hope the same will prove so for you. Lots of support giving and getting going on ;)

One of the biggest message you will get from members is to educate yourself about your addiction. The more you know, the better you will understand what happens at each stage (i.e. at 3 months), and it will help you strengthen your resolve and stick with your quit. You'll find that checking out the links in members' signatures may help you along the way.

Best of luck to you on Monday!! :)


To add my welcome too.

As you can see from my sig I've had a number of failed quits too. Never managed to last as long as you, think I managed a week once in all those times, this quit just feels different, I woke up after a night of getting spectacularly wasted with the girls and only had 5 fags left, when they were gone they were gone. In retrospect the stopping smoking had been playing on my mind but this time I'd had enough.

On my first day I found why quit and spent a month reading and reading, and then joined this site, wanted it to be a sucessful quit before I made a fool of myself again (remeber I'd never been as sucessful as you in the past). This site and the great people on it has been a real help.

Good luck to you and read read read.


Welcome Claire, and good luck for Monday.

Have to agree with the guys above, reading the links is very helpful and will certainly help you get your head in the right place, so read as much as you can.

The site is great, come along and tells us about your good days, and please rant about the bad ones (we all have them). You will find jokes to make you laugh, and games for you to do when really bored, you will find load of advice, and all the support you could possibly wish for.

You have done this before so you know what to expect to start with, keep strong and let us know how you are getting on.


Hi Claire

Check this out,

Makes you strong

Good luck


Thanks guys - already the the lozenges in place but on the whole I'm not really thinking about giving up - just going to do it.

I think maybe that's where I've gone wrong in my past attempts - putting too much into it - life centred around it.

Thanks for the links - some really relevant stuff that will be useful.

Murph - that was some vid. Where's a will there's a way er?


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