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As some of you know I started back at SW last Tuesday night, I stopped going for a couple of weeks after I stopped smoking so I could concentrate on one thing at a time and I was mortified to find out that I had put on 1/2 stone in just 2 weeks - this left me feeling quite down (nothing new there).

Right well I am sure your all dying to know how I got on at my weigh in last night - now please bear in mind that I havent stuck to my diet, that I have still been stuffing my face but only with half as much junk as I did in the previous 2 weeks. I went there hoping I had maintained and hadnt put any more weight on.

So I arrived all nervous, took off as many clothes as I was allowed (without all the other women running for the doors in horror) and I got on the scales. I breathed in (i dont know why we do that but apparently we all do and it makes no difference), I then looked around to make sure no one was looking or putting their feet also on the scales which I am sure someone must have done last week! I then closed my eyes, listened for the beep of the machine to say that it had finished reading (finally). The SW lady looked at my book, looked at the machine and told me I had lost - weight (get it) for it - 4lb - I then breathed out and realised I had been holding my breathe and was probably turning blue. NO WAY i said, we kept checking but the machine was right - I have now decided that this is a good machine and they should bring this one every week not the one they had last time.

OH started speaking to me again last night (nice of him) but its still quite strained as we havent really sorted out why we had the argument in the first place, the whole family sat down for a lovely tea(which I cooked) last night and we had a good laugh and chat about our day, and I have lost weight.

Didnt get too much sleep again last night, the dreams are still pretty weird although calming down a bit. I have booked the last of my holidays off work while the kids are at school so I can get some rest and me time.

So am I happy today - you bet I am. Now where did I put that galaxy bar?

Good luck to everyone today on their quit what ever ship your sailing in.

PMA to Jase and PP and hoping they are feeling a little better.

Jayne x

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Weight loss is good!! bet that made you feel tons better!!

hope you and the other half sort any differences soon, makes a difference if problems are sorted rather than festering.

If you are looking for the 4lb's you lost, I think I may have found them, they are currently on my fat a*se :eek:

Seriously, congratulations on the weight loss, I am trying to combat my weight gain through excercise as I find it really difficult to diet, I have very little willpower (other than the quitting smoking for 5 1/2 months which is very out of character for me). Mixed success so far, not lost much weight lb's wise but at least I am firming up the lard into muscle ;)

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