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day 6

Hi eveyone its day 6 for me.Im using the gum and sometimes the inhaltor.Was using a patch the first few days but got sick of it coming off..and to be honest i need to feel my cravings and feel the gum or inhaltor working

Worse time is all day lol Well not all day but first thing in the morning i get this sadness thingy and then as im trying to get kids ready for school i feel highly stressed!The strange thing is that come 4pm my cravings get less and less and i start to feel calmer.Its not a constantl battle in the evening as it is in the day!

Looking forward to it getting wayyyyyyyyy better tho.

Good luck and well done to all those that have kicked the weed!

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Well the good news is it does get much better, your not out of the woods yet, and you will still get some really challenging and perhaps awkward days, but plow all your determination into those days and come out the other side the winner.

You can beat this, but you have to take each and every day as being different, and if anything is of concern to you post on here first, you may find others who've experienced the same thing.

Well done so far, and good luck for the comings days and weeks ahead.



thankypu so much for replying. patience is something i havnt got a lot of and need to learn lol


I was a morning smoker and it terrified me that I would have that feeling of wriggling worms and watery mouth and low feeling everyday. I could go all evening without a smoke, but couldn't stand the thought of not smoking in the morning. I came to the conclusion, with the help of the forum, that it was a trigger for me and I can report it went away within a couple of weeks. The thought of dragging myself out of bed and smoking in the morning makes me feel quite sick nowdays!


Thankyou that is good to know.I feel i have turned a corner today.I got up this morning and my arm didnt feel really noticable like it needed a fag to smoke.I know it sounds daft lol My throat feels relaxed today as well. yes definetly feel " differnt" but cant put my finger on it.

Noticed my face moves more too lololol How wierd is that.Even went shopping with a smoking friend today and never bothered me when she lit up.In fact it smelt divine but i didnt have the urge to do it myself lol

Cant belive ive managed a week at 2pm today yahhhhhhh

Im in a good mood and so glad i done this again..i was guted when i started smoking again! Im staying away from alcohol tho just fro a while..i dont want to go thru this crap again ever lol

Ive also ditched the inhaltor today...all it gave me was now im sticking with the 2mg gum and its doing the job good.

Well done all and thank you so much for the support!


Hi Mumof4 :D

Well done you almost a week now that's great keep it going

Glad to hear you're finding it a bit easier as well

The sadness you feel at times is normal for a lot of us and is a kind of grieving as for an old friend which of course it wasn't only our brains haven't quite accepted that fact just yet




Yep you quite right Marg. I know it will get easier. The only thing that worrys me in my last quit i had depression but i was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland 2.Depression is common if u have under active thyroid gland and also very common after you have quit smoking! My doc said the cigs mask the symptoms of it. Well this time im on thyroxin now so should feel the major doom and gloom that i felt before fingers crossed.

I have joined the this week and looking forward to it.I dont want the massive weight gain i had last time either!!


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