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Teary Day 3


Had a big business meeting today.

For some reason last night and today I've been teary when having cravings....I didn't have this before. It's like a release I guess but I feel very tense and unhappy!

Trying to push through it - but I've had a couple glasses of wine which may have made it worse. Just trying to carry on as normal without cigs.




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oh and despite the tears the meeting went very well!

forgot to mention that :)



I don't know of any other way to really reply for this except to tell you that day 3 for many of us either was the hardest day. You may find day 4 you are a bit tetchy or moody too, but not in the same league as today.

Chin up and stick at it though, these awkward days DO pass, yeah they are like walking in glue while your in them but by god such a relief once your through them.

if you've got 10-15 mins or more time for some reading, why not check some of the things i've linked in my signature, might be something useful to you in there that you can use over the coming hours or day(s).

Good luck, may you find the success you are seeking with this quit.


sorry to hear your feeling teary, i did too, as jase has said it will pass, but i know that does not help at the time.:(

you have not got through the day 3 problems and you coped, so you should feel very proud.

tomorrow will hopefully be better and i will send you some hugs

(((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))) which hopefully will keep you going.

Really glad to hear the meeting went well, and remember we are here whenever you need us.


i've had a horrible day 3.

i've been really angry towards everyone and felt kind of depressed like i wanted to go to bed and stay there.

tbh without this forum i may have smoked.

its a good place to vent.

i truly feel awful - inside and about my behaviour :(


Hey Coralie,

you're in the middle of the worst of it and the best I can tell you is to trust it will pass...... IT being this awful empty feeling, this feeling of something is missing. It's normal and it WILL pass if you just continue along this path and stay quit.

Most smokers wish they had never started and if it was easy to quit, I assume most wouldn't smoke any longer.......... funny enough, it isn't all that hard..... you learn about your addiction and you learn about what it takes to be quit and all this awful dependency stuff soon fades..... trust that you made the right decision, get through these tough days, and soon things will return to normal............. a much, much better normal.

Good luck, Coralie, you can do this! Many before you have and most of us had a bit of a rocky road in the beginning. xxx


Hi, yes sounds normal for quitting but will get better. I agree with the others reading is a great help learning about the addiction to nicotine will put your head in a good place. There are also good posts in the tips section and symptoms of quitting thread.

Very best of luck.



Hi Coralie :)

The way you're feeling just now is normal this eatly in a quit but it does pass quite quickly just hang in there




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