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11 week & 6 days!! fed up today


:(well today has been a little bit weird kind of felt ratty as hell, could be do with the fact that i am not feeling too well (flu type bug) & had to go through a kids party this anoon with my oldest acting like a big spoil brat, or the fact that my OH as just pointed out how my mood could be & did the hand to mouth gesture of smoking!!!(eg coming off the patches) i ranted & raved & said that he had upset me doing that, he said he was sick of arguing!!! so here i am after just crying & feeling down........i wish id never told him i was off patches, has he would know no different & wouldnt be blaming my moods just on that, because all through this flaming quit i have been trying to do just the opposite!!! sorry guy i am on a right downer..thanks for listening

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Well done with your quit. Don't blame yourself for everything that goes wrong it might have happened anyway, you are doing great. I know it hurts to cry but it can also make us feel a lot better later, you will have got through some pain. Never mind the arguement or the spoilt child, maybe a cuddle with your loved ones would put everything right now.


It is a bit like the early days all over again, after all you've gone from a small amount of nicotine to cutting the supply completely. If it makes you feel any better.. its similar for me at the moment. I would be employing the same cautions as the day 3/4 right now, its a lil tricky handover period.. just do this a day at a time, and lets hope soon it bottoms out to something much more normal. I know exactly what you mean about the OH thing.. i have told my OH that i'm fully aware that i'm more moody than usual this last day or so, but to noy take anything to heart. Seems to have helped. I just don't think you need to be told your more moody than normal right now because you really don't want to be, and its a grand case of 'i know! ffs!'

heres to the days ahead.. i know its really crappy right now, but we've done this before.. the first week, this we should treat no different.. we've recently begun the main parts of our quits despite the number of weeks we are in.. just keep on coping, and know there is better coming.


Hey KitKat - you are doing brilliantly - give yourself a big hug and find a nice treat for yourself. So you are a bit moody - like never-smokers aren't? Of course they are, it's life - it's normal!

I haven't done patches, but Jase's words sound good to me. Wrap yourself up and be careful.

Chocolate? :D

thank you everyone, yeah it is right that sometimes i need the spotlight on how good im doing, instead of the problems i am causing.........so this is for real & im living it through, its just another challenge on the quit street x

& yeah coaltyt chocolate is a very good idea, my best friend x

hi kitkat and jase -

you are both doing fine.

there's a big step going it alone and not using the patches / tablets / etc -

you need a bit of adjustment - you're both doing great. hold strong. I wobbled lots after coming of the champix but you know deep down that you're not going to give in now.

think of how far youve come, how much you have achieved, how much more you have infront of you and how this is a smaller version of what you have already over come.

its a quit within a quit. but you have done the big work. remember how strong you were to get through the begginging, you are the same people and can do it again for a short period whilst you readust.

your doing brilliantly. if you have a few mood swings then so be it. Just as long as you dont smoke it doesnt matter in the long term.

were all behind you in this tough time. Keep it together. I know youve both got it in you. :)

cheer up matey-you are doing just great-anyway HOW CAN YOU FEEL SOOOO DOWN WHEN PLAYING THE CHOICES GAME!!!!!!;)

Hi KitKat and Jase :D

You're both doing just fine and patch free as well that's great well done

Big hug for each of you

Celebrate going it alone that's a big acheivement in itself


Marg xxxxxxx

I'm into my 11th week too. Don't even miss the nasty stinky things now.

Sticking with my non smelly alternative. I want to drop to Zero nicotine cartridges for my next step and I'm a little uneasy about that.

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