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10weeks & 6 days done but if i had a pack of 10 fags now i would probably arghhhh

hi all i am very stressed tonight, i have my driving test tomorrow, i am soooooooooooo nervous its beyond belief, i need to have faith in myself but if i had 10 mayfair lights now i would probably smoke the lot!!!!isnt that a horrible thought, they probably wouldnt make me feel any less stressed it would just be something to do, im not about to after all the hard work ive done & test day would be a whole lot worse having to fit in all the fags around the test (of whicgh i would find embarrasing) - maybe coz for all these years fags have always been around especially for moments like tonight in a way im kind of missing them, but at the same time feel annoyed with myself for having this thought, its like crikey the first bit of stress & im on one!!!

anyway wish me luck i surely need it x thanks for listening once again x

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Driving test? nerve wracking? can't understand it:) ok i'll share a secret with u and u alone i passed my test after "drum roll" 9 goes. yes that is correct on the 10th attempt i passed my driving test, and now i drive a Land Rover Disco on roads that sometime are only suitable for sheep, so unless you are about to take your 10th test you have nothing on me :D

How much better will you feel after the test tomorrow (whatever the result) if you did it all without a fag? You know you don't need a fag to do the test, so why would you have one? It would not make the test any easier, infact after all this time as a non-smoker you would have the shakes if you had one and that would make the test a hell of a lot harder:eek:

I will have my fingers crossed and my toes, the best of luck and of course let us know how it goes.


thanks bev, im still awake, just read my horoscopes says the new moon is at the top of my chart which is good , anything to give me inspiration is a bonus

afraid it my 1st test although i been learning to drive probably for around 10 years on & off, must have been so dissapointing 10 times, but like you said ure a v.good driver now by the sounds of it, so it was all worth it in the end, & yes youre right fags would ruin it, think it was just a memory of what i would usually be doing, & kind of missed it weird init

anyway enuff of me hows you doing?


Good luck on your driving test, hope you pass :)

Sorry can't write you a long post right now, i'm back and forth to my daughter.. she's not well again.. temp is up again, and has many cold symptoms atm.


Hi KitKat :D

Well done you on 11 weeks done and dusted Big Hug for you

Try not to worry about the Driving test though But how know how nreve racking the thought can be it took me three attempts to pass mine


Marg xxxxxx


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