OMG 1st smokefree Christmas/NewYear nearly 20 Years!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I was worried that it might prove a bit too challenging for me, especially when I got some rather pricey Cuban cigars as a prezzie! (Guess that's my fault for not telling the family I'm quit). But made it to the end of what must be the first completely smoke free one, in nearly 2 decades!!!!

Well one more day and then into week 4.... Starting to be able to concentrate more now and not finding myself constantly opening the fridge door to see what I can nibble on ;)

All the best for 2008 to you all

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  • Lo John and welcome on board!!

    How did you manage nearly 4 weeks without us? :eek:;) hehehe

    Well done on quitting and especialy getting through the festive period smoke free x x x x

    Massive accomplishment!! hope you spent some money on yourself to say a big 'well done!'

    Keep on marching through, this time next year, you'll have a whole year of not smoking!! how cool is that?!

    Stay strong x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Fantastic, be very proud of yourself xx

  • Hello and thankyou Buff :)

    Spent the first few days reading all your posts before registering on day 3-4 for some much needed help LOL!! Last week was a bit of ping ponging round the country to see all the family, but back now ;). Can't promise to meet the dizzy hights of 1000+ posts but I'll do my best -x-

  • Hehe

    I talk too much :D :o

    Yes all the christmas traveling and all, am shattered, nice to get home albeit soo much washing and organising to catch up on :o at least it's a great distraction from smoking!!


  • Hi All,

    Thank you for all your replies -x-

    Not quite 4 Weeks yet lindaspicer, as today is day 22, but going strong. Got that lovely Noro-Virus thing yesterday, great for stopping you getting nibbley or even remotely thinking about cigarettes LOL!! On the mend now.

  • Hi John and well done to you.. keep it going and keep strong:D See you in week 4..:)

  • Thankyou Steve :)

    Will pm soon to get together for that drink next week sometime if you are free.

  • Hi John

    I too have just had my 1st smoke free christmas and new year for 17 yrs :eek: !

    It was so nice not huddling in a freezing doorway with all the others!

    Good luck and a great big well done :D:D


  • COOL!!! My very own quitting buddy :D... I was beginning to think I was the only one who quit around the 10th of December and approaching that 1st Month mark. Well done too Nix!!!!

    I knew Christmas/New Year would have been the biggest test for me from the social side of not smoking, but at the same time it helped as I was not working, and I was always finding myself reaching for the pack when I was under the cosh for deadlines/work stress etc...

    Not being able to focus at the initial part of quitting would have been a complete nightmare for me job-wise.

    Keep it going the 14th Jan isn’t far away now and that’s a huge milestone under both our belts :)

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