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Think im gunna fail now :(

Hey guys

Well im at the end of day 3, had it pretty easy until tonight, I'm really struggling at the moment, Shaking hurrendously, using all my strength I can, its just unbareable, I can't stop crying im really trying to not smoke but I dont think I will make it :( had a really easy run the last 3 days, where cravings havent been so strong and havent had withdrawal symptoms, just seems like its all hitting me now :(

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Asli -Don't give in .... it a gets a lot easier very, very quickly although you probably don't believe that now.

You are SOOO Lucky you have realised how cr*p and pointless smoking is this early,( I don't mean this to sound patronising) i wish ....

a) I'd never even tried doing it at sixteen when i did, and that i'd realised how addictive and hard to stop it would be.

b) that it would cost me unforetold money over the years, that i could have much better spent on something else.

c) that it did me no good ever , whatsover, and the whole time i spent smoking was a complete waste of time and money and energy.

Don't spend the whole rest of your life smoking, give it up while it's not such a habit. It aint agood thing to do, and the longer u leave it. the harde you will find it,



I know its probably hit you hard right now, but this is the trial you should really expect during a quit of nicotine... seriously, get tough on it, yeah its hard now, but it does get easier.. so many have been where you are now, and we can all tell you that its not like that for too long, just tough it out.. get through a day at a time, and see how you go.

Just don't smoke.. thats not the answer, a cig will not help, it will only perpetuate the very thing you so desparately want to give up.

Its playing some mind games on you...

Check my signature and read some of the advice on cravings etc, those tips work, .. i know, i've used them.. and they are sound advice.

Stay strong.



Hi Ashli :)

I'm sorry you had such a rough day 4 and hope you feel better today on day 5 that's almost a week for you done and dusted

Crying and being emotional is normal just now but it will pass and it really does get much easier Promise

Read the links on our signatures for help they do help honest


Marg xxxxxxxx


Ashli? how are you? u ok?


Hey guys

Just to let you no I pulled through last night sucking on a straw!

Went to bed early so I wouldn't be awake through it, woke up this morning, doing OK having a few intense cravings but pulling through them!

Will power really getting tested as mother and sister keep asking me if i want "Two's" and are smoking around me, so it is very difficult, but hopefully i will suceed

Thanks for your messages xx


Blimey, tell em straight to not offer 'twos' to you, thank them for the consideration, but they need to respect what you are trying to do here, and you need as little temptation shoved under your nose as poss.


Hi Ashli

If it's as bad today as yesterday some mild exercise might help, found when i was in the early stages of quitting and withdrawal it was the only time my brain seemed to function. Very best of luck and keep strong and don't give in.



I'm glad you made it through the day. Day 3 was the hardest for me. I understand crying and being really emotional, but I'm glad you made it *hugs*


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