I Think im now going into month 8

I think im right and Dave my quit buddy will be joining me to, i can not believe i have come this far, i still have days what i think i could just do with a fag but then i think no i wont, the hardest thing i have found is my o/h still smoking when he comes near me when he has had a fag its like kissing a ash tray and thats hard.

So everyone who is on day one hang in there it does get better, and if i can you it especilly with o/h smoking and with no support then anyone can :)

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  • A massive well done Kay, I can't wait to get to 2 months lol

  • Hi Kay thats an amazing quit CONGRATULATIONS 8 months and also with OH smoking I think that would be a killer for me, my OH has never smoked but if he did I would find the smell the hardest thing to deal with as most people stink to me now I have quit, so you deserve a bigger pat on the back to do it with a bigger trigger even if it is your OH.

    So 4 more months and you will be up there in the Penthouse and hopefully keeping the champagne on ice for the rest of us.

  • ;)Kay my Darling, just want to say a HUGE well done at 8 months, you really are a trooper. I could not have quit with my OH still smoking so think you have done fantastically well.


    Keep it going.

    Dee xxxx

  • Kay

    Congratulation 8 months is MEGA well done:) really really pleased for you better start ordering the furnishing for your gaff in the Penthouse:) x

  • Well done Kay, 7 months done is brilliant.

    Wishing you many more.


  • Congratulations Kay - l wouldn't have got this far without you, so a massive thankyou. And you did it with the OH still smoking - not many could do that, so well done you

  • wtg Kay....you are doin Fab

  • hugely decent quits both of you :)

    Definitely something to be proud of.

    Well done both.

  • Well done Kay , 7 months is great and who knows .....if you stick at it your O.H may well give it a go too .

    Best wishes


    20 a day for 30 years

    3 months patches

    10 months C.T

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