7 weeks for me too!!!!

hi every1 just popped in to let every1 know im now at week 7 today YEAHHH!!

the weeks are just flying past cant beleive ill be in month 3 next week how weird is that!! NEVER did i think starting this quit ill still be here strong at 7 weeks so very proud!!:D and just to think before this quit i couldnt even afford to take my kids away for 1 holiday this year but now we are going away twice with the money ive saved AMAZING!! :) good luck to all june quitters you can all do it and of course every1 else!!! :)

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  • well done barnard, great to hear you sounding so delighted with your achievement, as well you should be! and the money side is just the icing on the cake, but how great to be able to share that with your family, superb, well done!

  • Brilliant B, it feels amazing doesn't it???!!!!!!! :) :)

  • Hey Barnard - 7 weeks for me too today and like you I can hardly believe it! Somewhere deep down I'm a confirmed 30 a day smoker who worries about my health and has smelly breath and clothes but now I feel as if I've been taken over by aliens! I wish we'd known 7 weeks ago how fantastic and proud we'd be feeling at this stage (and healthy, rich & sweet-smelling!), it would've made some of the difficult times much easier to get through. See you next time in Month 3:D

  • Brilliant FK :):)

  • Well done Barnard and Fk BRILL!!!!


  • well done barnard and french kiss 7 weeks for me today so not far behind.i am feeling really good about this quit.i know what you mean about the money barnard i havent saved enough for a holiday but the extra money will mean i can take my kids out a bit more over the 6 week break making life a bit easier.so woo hoo.hopefully more june quitters will follow shortly good luck all the june quitters.lisa:)

  • Brilliant Lisa, we should all be really proud of ourselves :)

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