No Smoking Day

Week 7 and still quit

Hi every one happy new smoke free year just starting week 7 feeling great although still get a slight urge now and then and the odd weird dream {vampires last night} i have just in the last 2 days cut down to one champix a day ok so far stuart i had a gentle hint to pip yesterday when i spoke to him told him i gave up and he was the only one left smoking

love to you all

margaret xxx

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I think it will take more than a gentle hint... a sledgehammer perhaps? :D

7 weeks is awesome, and I'm very happy the cutting down on Champix thing is going well for you too.

You are doing so well, very proud of you Mum :D


thanks stuart you are probably right about pip but softly'softly catchee monkey as they say.

so far feel great with only 1 champix

lots of love



hi girl ,you are doing so gooddddd..7 weeks,i bet it feels very very good..its worth it in the just ahead of you 54 days,,so were both doing go..i have just started to have weird dreams..last night , fighting in the street,,at my age hahaha..dreams come with the withdrawals..we will over margareth you keep the faith all the best tony


Well done


Starting week seven myself this morning and must say feeling very good. We are getting there HEHE. xxxx


hi tony and linda

good morning thank you for your support yes it does feel good but almost slipped last night/evening had a bad attack of i want a fag,worst since early in my quit,didn't give in but came really close i think if it hadn't been for the weather i probably would have,far to slippy to go to shop using a stick but phoned stuart for my weekly chat and that stopped the craving after a few minutes {thanks stuart} so maybe i just needed to talk to someone, this was the first time since my quit that i hadn't been out at all if only for a walk due to the weather, but back on track again this morning.

love margaretxxx:)


thanks stuart

Not a problem, anytime :)

Glad you're feeling better this morning :D Onwards and Upwards.


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