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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 - Double Digits

As I'm so pleased to have stopped smoking, I'm going to celebrate any milestone I can and making it into double digits is a good enough excuse for me!!!

I am actually excited, yes excited, about reaching 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 2 months and so on.

I do feel like I'm starting to put on a little weight but right now I don't mind. I'm going to start my regular running and exercise again in the next week or so to help with the weight but that really is coming second to the not smoking at the moment.

I know there are a few others who are reaching day 10 so hope you doing ok and hope everyone else also doing well too - there will be ups and downs but just enjoy the ups and see the downs as a challenge which you will feel great about getting through.


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Congrats on day 10 Stu!!! I'm right here with you and it feels brilliant doesn't it!!?? A real milestone as you say.

I wouldn't worry too much about the weight mate, it'll be a hell of a lot easier to drop a stone or two down the line than to quit smoking. Take one thing at a time. My belt has slipped a hole since the beginning of last week!!!

Enjoy your day and here's to the ups!!!! :)


Cheers, Chris. Yeah, it does feel great. To be able to say I am on day 10 of not smoking is brilliant!! Sounds like things going well for you too so well done.

I see you are now using the untired and untested method of salt and vinegar mccoys - don't forget to enter their man gadgets competition. That could be a nice little bonus of quitting smoking!!!



Hi Stu and Chris :D

Well done both of you double figures is a great milestone to reach

Don't worry about a bit of extra weight just now

I also put on quite a bit but without diet or a mad amount of exercise {I can't anyway] it's coming off again for me and I'm almost back to prequit weight again


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks Marg, you're a constant source of inspiration you are :D

Hey Stu, man I've got to pick a healthier replacement than crisps and chocolate. Although I am going to enter the gadgets comp hehe.


Hi Stu - and congrats!

Go for a run - no, seriously - go for a run! :D

I have stuffed myself with chocolate caramels (always been a weakness!) and Monday went for a 3 miler - I ran just over a minute a mile faster than I have ever run before! :D:eek:

That's 9 days smoke free for you!

Oh - and 367 calories burned! :D


Day 10

Congrats on day 10 Stu

Im right there with you on day 10 also and yes it feels great. I cant believe that some evenings (which was the hardest part of the day for me) I realise that its time for bed and I hadnt even thought of having a fag.. That in itself is incredible and amazing :D

Ive decided to pick up yoga cos itll help with stress and anxiety (which I used to cope with by smoking) and make a few other little changes as well. Its amazing that stopping the fags has given me a little initiative to make a few other changes as well.

Like you looking foreward to day 11..week 2...etc



Yup Well done to the double digit brigade - fingers crossed I'll be joining you in two days time!

(cool - I can think in terms of days instead of hours - that's progress from week one already ha ha)


Double digits is well worth celebrating ....



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