No Smoking Day
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Todays the Day !

So after a year I am finally at the Penthouse. As I walk the last few yards & savour every step, I'm going to enjoy this.

I can see several of the regulars at the entrance, these are the people that gave me a lot of encouragement along the way. These are the people that make this forum work so well.

My journey here began on 10th Feb 2014, at work, without warning I suffered a nasty heart attack, after over 40 years of smoking I had been caught out by it. All smokers think that nothing will happen to them as a result of smoking, but deep down we all know different.

The following morning the Cardiologist told me I would not most probably NOT survive another heart attack. That was it, after 40+ years I had finally quit smoking.

For me having learned all this my quit compared to many was quite easy, I knew the consequences if I went back. It wasn't always easy, during the past year I was a guest of the local Coronary Care Unit 5 times. Nowadays things are getting better health wise, as a result of my illness I had to retire from my job 3 years earlier.

An added bonus for me that both my son & daughter have quit smoking as well !

Money saved by not smoking (about £3.5K) in the last year went towards this,

When I think of the money wasted over the years is absolutely criminal !

I have learned a lot from posters on this site & one of the things that made me smile is when some one said after quitting "If I can quit anyone can", that is so true, because if I can quit, ANYONE CAN !!

Now I have reached the Penthouse gates,I can smell fresh baked chocolate cake, I fancy a double helping !

Many thanks to all the posters on here for your words of support over the year, I won't name names cos I wouldn't want to embarass anyone but you know who you are.

Right then, where's me cake !!

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For me indeed this is soooo fantastic, we do indeed learn the hard way sometimes, you took your warning worked with it, and now you are reaping such fantastic rewards, better health, better family, living.

I have a lovely chocolate fudge cake, a little bit of booze, sending over to you, you enjoy your day, so very well deserved, and I for one could not be happier for you.

Wonderful start to my day


Massive congratulations to you Gus! Love the car too, isnt it lovely to have that free money to put towards it? You enjoy your cake mate and a little celebratory tipple you blooming well deserve it :) xxx


Congratulations, in a years time I aim to be in your shoes!


Top work Fella!


Many congratulations from me too Gus. That's one mighty and wonderful achievement, of which you should rightly be proud. :D

Now, here's your chocolate cake as promised. A big welcome to your suite from me.


Congratulations Gus :)


Wow that's amazing, congratulations.


Well done Gus, the feeling of making a whole year without smoking, when you thought you couldn't go a day at the start, is amazing isn't it :)

Loving the car too! Keep up the quit and you'll be able to run and maintain it from what used to be fag money :)


Great stuff Gus.

I've read that a bit on here lately with penthouse newcomers"if I can do it anyone can" like it



CONGRATULATIONS a wonderful feeling isn't it?.



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