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No Smoking Day
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I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well virgin have managed to fix my internet and I am back and still in week 3 :)

That's me on day 17 today........been really hard the last couple of days.

1. I have had people here with me that smoke.........yuk

2. Not being able to get on the forum was really hard......every time I logged on the net went down!!!!

But I got through it and I'm still here...........:)

How is everyone doing? Glad you got down from that pole Marg :) Is Chrissie away her hols?

Carol xxx

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Hi Carol :D

You're doing fine sorry to hear about your problems with the internet though

I had problems with Virgin as well I can't get into my email page arghhhhhh but they insist there is nothing wrong with their end

Good job I had started to use another email site as I got fed up with all the problems I now use the other site nearly all the time

But you got through and now on day 17 that's great Huge Hug

Yes Chrissie is gone to the lakes for a few days she didn't know till last night

Yeah I got down from that pole Ok thanks

Talk soon




Hi Marg

All right for some sneaking off to the lakes...............she could have taken us with her :D We could have kept her out of trouble!!!

Carol xxx


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