No Smoking Day
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Message for Mods

Hi all mods,

Thanks for your work in trying to protect the genuine users of this forum.

I am sure we would all agree that what we are doing/trying to do is an important decision in our lives & to have it hijacked by mean spirited people is deplorable.

I appreciate that your job is hard to keep track over everything that is going on but I am sure that myself & everyone else appreciates it :)

Best wishes.

Gaynor xx

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Couldn't agree more...........

Carol x


Hi Gaynor :D

Well said and I wholehearted agree with you the

The Mods did a great job with this deplorable incident


Marg xxxxxx



Luvs ya Carol--------Especially as I know you have been the target of some very unpleasant stuff.

Honey, if do not smoke through that, & nobody would blame you if you did you are a marvel & inspiration to everyone.

Didn't doubt you for a mo.

Big hugs. Gaynor xxx



.............Love you to.

All those for a love in...............Join here................Mods to :D


We are very pleased to help :)

You all just concentrate on your quits and supporting each other and we will try to keep the forum free from harassment and spam so that you can.



Mod 3 &

Chriisie you are a tart LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I know, takes one to know one


Hi Mod 3

Thanks we'll be sure to support each other all the way

We'll leave the tricky stuff for you and Mod 2





Did someone ask if i wanted a tart?

Lol, not exactly Chrissie, but if it makes you feel better.

(Can't stop giggling at that)

G xxx


Thanks Gaynor

Yep I'm still here and just about to go into day 14..........hehe I'm sooo proud.

Nearly gave in over the last couple of days but then the wee b...... would have won and we couldn't have that.

Thanks for being there it really helped having all your support.


Carol xxx


Very big hugs

Bless you Carol.

No body deserves to be singled out by a nutter & abused like you where.

You have shown incredible strength given the circumstances & I & others I am sure applaud you for that. On here there is only so much we could all do to support & help you but I persoanlly & I am sure others here where screaming out to take you in our arms & protect you from all that.

The out come is you are here i.e not smoking & that is the important thing.

Loads of hug & very big ones, Gaynor xxxx


Thanks Gaynor :)

The fact that I had all of you behind me was what got me through it. Chrissie and Marg were just brilliant and without them I dont know how I would have coped.

He didn't give me credit for being sooooooooo stubborn :D There was no way I was going to undo all the work I had done just because of him.




Many thanks for the thanks

Mod 2


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