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Message to newbies and notso newbie

Day 170:

To all the newbies out there:

Welcome to the forum and Good luck with your quit.

From day 1 take responsibility for your quit, own it and look after it, its yours.

Get yourself informed, understand whats likely to happen to you and your body. Many

forum users have links to other websites or articles that are useful, read them, read them

all and when you've finished reading. Read some more! 9 times out 10 whatever you are going through,

someone will already have posted a similar experience on this forum.

Get a hobby, start an exercise plan.

For the cravings, take deep breaths and maybe drink some water.

Be positive and really "want it"

Take it one day at a time

PS - Show a sense of humour and join in with the banter :)

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thanks jimmer, all good advice and motivation there! I'm looking forward to my time here and a better life!



Good luck Stuart :)

I'm stopping tomorrow so you're a day ahead of me!!



Thanks for the motivation means alot to everyone on here. I joined the site last week and thik its fab..

Today is my quit day and I am doing really well had my last Ciggi at 8.30pm last Night.

Smoked 20+ per day

Smoked for 38 years,

Quiting using Champix.

Good luck to you all.

:D xx


hi first time on

stopped smoking 7 days ago ,bit harder to day feel like a smoke but wont have one good luck everybody

7th day

using mouth spray


good luck to you too denise .... be well x


I use NRT but have also found Fishermans Friends and telling myself "Not One Puff Ever" - something I learned from the good members at the forums here.

Good Lick


thank you



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