No Smoking Day
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A message from the old, smoker Gemma

Hiya :)

When I wrote this I was a smoker, wanted to put it up here to reinforce the message to myself!!

Why am I quitting smoking?

* I don't enjoy it any more!! Used ot love smoking but (you might not believe this in the future) now I don't. Remember this emma, you do not enjoy smoking!! Only reason i do it is because I'm an addict

*Cost. It is extreely expensive, especially smoking as much as I am now. I can use this money on a lot of better, nicer things.

* Smell. I've just smoked and the smell of smoke on me is very strong, not to mention my breath - not good!!

* Self respect. I hate the look on people's faces when they see me smoking - especially when I smoke 2 right off. NOT good!!

* Health. OK dying seems a long way off but -

I have a sore throat

I have a cough especially in the mornings

My chst feels tight

I get breathless

And this is ONLY because I smoke!!!

* FREEDOM! I'm fed up with having to go smoke whenever I "need" one. It's disruptive, annoying and it rules my life. I don't choose to smoke, cigaettes choose when I smoke them. If I don't then I become a bitch.

It doesn't matter how many cute teddy bear or hearts lighters I buy, however many girly ashtrays, smoking is a smelly, nasty unhealthy addiction.

I'm a girly girl, love smelling nice and looking good. Smoking makes me hands, hair, breath, clothes bag and more stink of fags!!

Plus it is not a good look - not cute and not girly, not at all!!

So that's it - I didn't like it when I smoked so nothing to feel nostalgic for is there?

Unless it's some bizarre thing like those people who like to live as if they're in East Germany - and slightly more masochistic!!

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Yes I like this, I could have written it myself except I'm not a girly girl, more of a mud up to my eye balls sort of a girl :p the rest of it rings true though, ha why feel nostalgic about something we hated when we were doing it anyway, what madness :rolleyes:

Lol, one thing i definitely do not do is mud :p

But yes, the nostalgia is plain weird - we took so long to get up the courage to break free so no way are we going to go back to that!!

Ooh this is a good read by the way :)


Gem Gems I will have a read of that later when my resolve is creaking, usually of an evening when I'm tired :o I have a dog walking coat and it's that muddy it's crunchy and stiff :p I do love getting dressed up but this time of year there seems no point, I get too much doggy loving :rolleyes: that reminds me, the fields are calling :) catch you later :D x

Have a lovely walk :D

Aww dogs are lovely aren't they?

Oooh and that's a fab piece 'cos it really explains away the "just one" in a way that makes total sense :D x


Gem now if they aren't reasons to stay quit then I don't know what else would be.

I agree with all of them. You can and will do this xxx

Oooh definitely!!

Think it's all the better 'cos when I wrote that I probably smoked 2 fags in between so there's total proof that I don't enjoy smoking. Used to, but those days are long gone :D

(And that amazed Kat no end :p)

YAY we're all going to do it Deb and it's flipping fab!! xxx


Not got to the fields yet, do you see how random I am, been tidying my house and dancing like a loon to my head phones all morning :o I will get there at some point though, knowing my luck it will be when it blinken rains :rolleyes: and yes dogs are just fab, I love all animals though, I do quite a bit of rescue work x

Random is fab :D

Dancing to your headphones is even better - you can't beat it :D :D

Awww that's lovely, it's so nice to care for rescued animals, and so sad some people abuse them :( xx


Having been a non-smoker for nearly a week now, I'm amazed how much smokers smell. Was aware of my coat smelling a bit faggy, and knew that I smelled just after having one but the people in Lidl today who *really* stank, just icky.

I like looking and smelling good so am even more ashamed of my old smoker self :(


Yes they do smell, it's one of my major reasons for quitting, i feel so paranoid as a smoker i really do and some people seem to smell more than others and for no reason at all, weird.....anyway i don't know if I'm one of them or not :o

Oooh I know the feeling!!

It wasn't nice and it's another reason to stay quit!!



Your reason are very similar to me. Thanks for your post.

And I can add the comments of the students at school if they caught me smoking outside: Mrs Helene, what are you doing, its so bad for you! I was so ashamed.


Hiya Helene, smoking's definitely not a good look is it?

Glad you're on the quitting wagon now!


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