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No Smoking Day
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I'm a stopped smoker - not a swine-fluer

Things are going fine. Two major cravings today which passed in minutes. The patches are giving me weird dreams, though. And the biggest downside is that every time I get on a bus it aggravates my lungs (stuffy atmosphere) to cough up all the gunk, and I am thus getting filthy looks and people covering their mouths and noses. One guy even made a dramatic move down the bus while covering his mouth with a handkerchief. Honestly, it was like I was swinging a vial of smallpox. I want to get a t-shirt bearing the legend 'I am a stopped smoker - not a swine-fluer'.

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ha ha - yes I know what you mean, I sneezed twice at work yesterday and sparked off a 30 minute long discussion about swine flu! If I had flu i'd be sweating and shaky etc. People are just too paranoid!

Well done on quitting though, and keep it up :)


Hi Katie :D

Oh dear I'm sorry but that made me laugh so much :D about the bloke on the bus I know it's not funny for you but you made it sound so funny

The weird dreams a common at the beginning of a quit but they soon stop

That T shirt idea sounds good to me


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


the irony of it all's not lost on me - I am actually saving lives rather than endangering them! It is pretty funny!:)


Hehe, we're not all nutters

I am sorry but I could not help but giggle over that as well.

I am on day ummmm nearly 70 I think (does not seem so important to count now) but went through a phase of coughing in the mornings after not doing so for weeks when I quit. Could see people at work looking up & obviuolsly thinking 'has she started again' LOL. Least they whern't thinking I was contagious (I hope).

At the end of the day, I have got to that stage in my life when I think stuff what other people think. I am not a nasty person, outragous, Umm, whatever else you can think of. I smiled at a stranger yesterday at the petrol station. Cost me nothing but he looked like I was gonna do something evil. Why oh why can't people smile, we're not all nutters after all.

Ooooooh, sorry, not sure where all that came from LOL.

Love Gaynor xxx


I know, I know. I live in London. If you smile at someone on the tube they clutch their bags and stare at you with wild eyes.


Hah katie that was hilarious!

I too am a Londoner and I know exactly what you mean, although you can't really blame them for being cautious. We're a city of uptight hypercondriacs, a women I've never met before started a conversation with me in Tesco the other day. I can honestly say thats never happened outside the pub/social environment and I found it extremely strange!!

A nice strange though, there should be more people like you in London.


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