No Smoking Day
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I'm a happy non-smoker

i now class myself as a non smoker

It makes it so much easier to deal with the cravings that still arouse from nowhere :confused:

But I'm loving it, I can breathe, I don't smell ( neither does my house or car )

My hair smells as fresh a day later as when I 1st washed it :), yesterday I was in Tesco express and this lady smelt of stale fags, so I decided to go opposite direction but she just was everywhere I went and I couldn't get away from her, truth is I couldn't stand the smell of her.

Ok so I've gained 8lb but have figured I can deal with that later on :)

Anyway what I'm trying to say is thank you so much for all your support with out you all I could quite possibly not be here

Sian xx

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Hi Sian

i know ive not been around to offer support lately :o but so happy you are sounding so positive about your quit :)

the longer you stay quit the weaker those craves will get and keeping a postive mindset will help too

onwards and upwards is the way to go





Wow, Sian, fantastic news. It's great that you now see yourself as a non-smoker, I'm delighted. :D


Go On Sian! :)

You tell 'em!

We must be officially into month 2 now as I got my "WeQuit" email at lunchtime..

Happy month-a-versary (ish)! :D




Hi Sian...yep...I have very similar emotions...and have also added about 8lbs.....but the benefits swing the balance massively for the good....intend addressing the weight gain next year!!!!!...well done by the Mid-Octobers are doing great!!!!


We were all stinkers and didnt know

So pleased' I know it has been tough at times. Smells tho- I cant believe that I walked about ponging like that. Even though I used to be aware of the potential and washed more than I do now, I must have reeked.


well done sian

haha i had a smelly lady in sainsburys yesterday huffing her smelly breath near me i was heaving ewwwww cant believe i smelt like that it still shocks me i didnt realise i used to think a mint and a wet wipe solved the smell

how wrong was i lol



Thank you :)

thank you everybody

It's cause of you all on this forum I have come so far :D, I hope that we will all stay united and continue our non smoking journey together and keep fighting them urges and craves:D

I'm so loving the no smelling of fags but really can't believe I put everybody through me smelling like that :confused:

Best of luck (((hugs))) Sian xx


The clean hair thing is one of my favourite non smoking things as well, love the smell of clean fresh hair on day two too the next day!

I can matching on weight too but am just starting address that - much rather that issue than quitting smoking


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