My name is Angela and I'm a non smoker :)

First time I have ever said that!

13 weeks today and this week has been a pretty stressful one too.

My daughter is now driving my car, with me in it (worst passenger in the world), ooo scary stuff! :eek:

Someone said something about my son today that I didn't like, this caused me to have a melt down, got PMT to boot and still no urge for a cigarette, I can remember not so long ago I would have had 20 on a day like this!

Not anymore though, because I don't smoke! :D

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  • Not anymore though, because I don't smoke! :D

    Woohoo, how fab a feeling is that?

    You're doing brilliantly and even with all the stressy stuff going on you *still* don't want a fag!! You've got this :D x

  • Yayyyyy so proud of you :) You've proved to yourself that you don't need to smoke when you're stressed or any other time :)

    Denise x

  • Absolutely fantastic post Angela, I'm so proud of you :)

    Molly x

  • Thanks everyone, this site has helped me a lot, it's nice to know I am not alone in this, so thank you all very much :D x

  • Angela

    Fab post and fab quitter:). You're sounding very positive. Well done my love:)

    Fi x

  • Yay, well done x

  • Well done Angela :)

  • That lot! ^^^^^

    Success indeed! Three months is absolutely fantastic Hellerscatch, great stuff! :)

  • A fab and positive post, a very well deserved well done on 3 months Angela . Hope you are feeling very proud and your quit stays strong

    Donna x

  • Well done Angela... That's a quarter of a Year completed already ... You Go Girl!

    Don't quit, quitting!

    Mimi xx

  • Oh have just had to bring this up again, struggled last week but never gave in, back on track this week, 4 months today, gooooo me! :)

  • I am Kat, never ever got this far before, it is a major acheivement! xxx

  • Four months!!! How great is that! Well done Angela :) x

  • well done u :)

  • congratulations, its very nice thing to hear :)

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