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Hi guys,

ever since Monday I have had some awful cravings, I've not yet sucumbed to them. I can not think why after 3 months this would happen, this morning I do feel better and no cravings yet and I've been up and about since 5.30am. I am not going to let the monster in my head win, not this time it's been the longest that I have stopped and I want it to be the final stop. So onwards and upwards and lets hope its a good day for all of us.

Dolly :)


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Morning Dolly

Keep up the fight you can do it we have been quit approximately the same time and i still get cravings as well but we can beat them.


Good morning Dolly,

You did good beating the cravings, they can be annoying as hell but they do pass, So all you have to do is keep resisting and you will win.



Thanks for the encouragement

Hi Guys

Thanks so much for the encouragement and glad to know not on my own :)




Hi Dolly

Well done on 3 months its a huge achievement. I think in the woofmang website, which you have, there is information on the problems that happen in month 3. I had exactly what you have at 3 months and someone sent me to read there, it is called the "icky threes", it was great to find out that what was happening is normal and will pass.

Good luck.



Well done Dolly hun

Your beating it as Jackie said its normal around month 3.xxxxxxxxxxx


Keep it up Dolly

3 months is fabulous


Hello Dolly,

3 Months wow that`s great, Well done:)



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