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I'm here!


And I feel like carp lol! Can't walk in a straight line and my eyes feel like I've taken something!!

At the minute I just don't know what to do with myself. My skin feels sort of tingly and a fag would solve that normally. I've almost had one twice now but then I got a text off the BF saying he's proud of me which surprised me and made me not have one.

If I can get through this morning, because mornings are when I chain to get rid of the dizziness...What do you substitute for 'fag time'? I never smoked in the house because I live with non smokers, so I used to have tea or coke and go into the back garden to have one, and now whenever I go in the kitchen I want to go out to have one 'cos I can see the back door. Any suggestions? And when does the dizziness stop?

Thanks again!

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Well done Dizzy. If you have gotten up & not had one (two or three) LOL you are doing really well. The dizziness goes really quickly so just hang on in there. Your doing GREAT. xxx

Thanks, I read your sig and it says you gave up on the 9th, how are the cravings and dizziness for you? Do you still think about fags (lack of!) all the time?

Hi Dizzy :D

Well done you and now on day 2 that's great

Sorry you're eyes are funny. you feel tingly and dizzy but this is all normal and is because your blood and therefore your brain is already getting more oxygen than normal

How nice your BF is sending you atext to say he's proud of you

As far as a substitute for a fag break goes drink lots of water and keep busy that will also help with the craves as will posting or reading on here

The dizziness etc won't last long at all but varies from person to person as we're all different

Just hang in there, you can do this Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Dizzy I am on the same day and feeling the pain. I did wake up with out the dizzy and did not chain down three of them. Just hang in there. I tend to drink water cook food or read lots of short stories. I find a short story can relax my mind so I can focus on that article for that period of time. Even a newspaper article seems to make me feel ok as it can take 2 to 5 mins to read it. The the craving subsides.

Thanks all!

Timpotte it's nice to know someone's at the same stage as me as well.

Yeah I never would have believed it but water does work- every time I go into the kitchen now, instead of having a fag I drink a load of water and it seems to stop me feeling desperate!

well we will just keep chugging along. Each day brings something new and a new feeling.

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Dizzy,

Great stuff that you got up without reaching for the fags. It's so good to get past the familiar triggers, and when you do it'll make you stronger for next time.

Keep going, you're doing really well.


Well done Dizzy

You have done another day. We smoked for a long time and many in a day so it is only natural we think about them when we first stop but it will get better.

I wish you many more days free.


Thanks all.

Still havent had one, but I'm finding myself just lying in bed all day 'cos it's easier. Still feel very spaced out and miserable like I'm making myself miss out. Yes I know they are bad for me, its psychological, the cravings are just to replace the carp you put in you in the first place etcetc but I feel lethargic and I think, if I had one now, I could get up and do something and everything would go back to normal!!

It seems now we are going out to a restaurant, this is going to be hard, but If I leave the drinking for weeks (I drink frequently and smoke like a chimney when I do) I think it will make me worry more that I'll go back on the fags. If I can do it today, I know I can give up, and still live my life as normal if that makes sense, which will take a lot of the miserable feeling away like I am depriving myself.

Sorry for waffling!

I need help lol...I can only just stand up and I feel really ill and nauseous, really quite rotten. Any tips? Also I'm freezing cold and breathing way too fast?

If you feel like your health is endanger then go to the hospital or clinic. However do not use it as an excuse to start again. You will be ok. Just keep up the fight.

Hi Dizzy

If you continue to feel unwell go and see your Dr it may be flu by the sound of it or have you not eaten much as that would do it

I hope you feel better today


Marg xxxxx

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