No Smoking Day

I'm new and excited to be here

Hello all

I am 36 years old, live in North London with husband and cat, and I have been smoking since I was 18. I have lost 2 and half stone over the past 8 months, and I feel like I have this great new life ahead of me that is being held back by smoking. I feel like I can barely breathe on some days, and I want to be exercising regularly to get my body toned! Of course, I have about another 300,000 reasons, as well . . .

Longest quit was 18 months, having started on Zyban. That was 6 years ago, and enough is enough! I've tried a million different times in between then and now. I feel that I need to go 'cold turkey' if I am going to make it.

I have had an amazing weightloss journey, and the forum I am on for that has been tremendously helpful. I look forward to gaining from your knowledge and support and supporting you all, as well.

Sorry this is long! Any advice welcome as I begin this new chapter in my life . . .



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Welcome Julie x x x x x

I do hope this is an exciting and rewarding chapter ;)

Sip water, eat little n often, keep busy and stay strong!! keep rewarding yourself and save up the money your not spending on smoking. Keep posting here and use every millimeter of support you can get!

~Buffy x x


Hi Julie and welcome. This forum as helped me and i am sure it will help you. Stay strong and come chat to us and i am sure you will do it.

I think going cold turkey is amazing as i could never do it. SO be proud of yourself.

Chat soon x


Hi julie,

This is day one for me too. In lots of ways we have a similar experience. I just lost 2 stones in weight, started at the gym and like you found I couldn't breathe. The body was willing but the lungs screamed 'NOOOO!!!'

I've tried patches, gum, inhalator, little nicorette pills, zyban (which worked but I had an allergic reaction to it - sods law!!) and am now trying Champix.

I have taken a lot from this forum leading up to today which has helped tremendously - keep coming here. The way I've dealt with today is to leave all - and I mean ALL - the housework until today, that way I keep busy. I've found my knitting needles out again, and bought a new jigsaw puzzle. But the thing that's motivating me the most is something my grandaughter said to my daughter (she's on patches and doing brilliantly now on day 4).

My daughter went for a walk with my grandaughter to the corner shop. Grandaughter asked if Mommy was going for cigarettes. My daughter said 'no - Mommy doesn't smoke cigarettes any more'. My grandaughters reply was....

'For me? Oh Mommy thank you!'

She's 3 years old, now is that inspirational or what?

See you tomorrow on day 2 Julie.



Thanks all for your warm welcome. Roz -- congrats on your weight loss. How is the Champix going? I was thinking about it, but my dr didn't know what it was nor was she interested in finding out! The Zyban gave me major panic attacks and anxiety, although I still stayed on it. I know that Champix is different . . . .

I am getting 'back' into sewing (I say back, but I only did it in girl guides many moons ago!) and focusing on my passion of cooking. I am not planning on joining a gym at the moment, but I like to walk and I have a couple toning tapes that are really good. Not only is it the breathing (or lack thereof!), but my motivation for exercise is very low when I am smoking! I like to exercise in the morning, but getting out of bed when I'm smoking is challenge enough. I know that my energy will come back. It's improved considerably with my weight loss, but I still feel a bit like I've been run over by a lorry in the morning!


Hi Julie & roz

Congrates on your quits and weight loss both of you. this is the best place for support we are one big family of quitters. Keep posting and stay strong linda xxxxxx


welcome julie and Roz!

Congrats on deciding to quit. Stay around and keep posting, this place is a big help.


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