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Short tempered and intolerant


I have become a short tempered snappy person, is this because of the lack of cigarettes and nicotine in my life? will it go away or is it just part of my non smoking personality. I am starting to get on my own nerves now as I am just so angry and have a very low tollerance of everyone. my boyfriend usually gets the brunt of it but also my mum.

the stop smoking nurse rang me last night, 2nd contact since my quit date and was really happy, asked if i was still taking the nrt and how I felt. I told her that i feel flipping rubbish, I only took nrt for a few days and they advised me against that. I want a cigarette more than ever and I cant see the benefits of not smoking. I felt like a statistic that she could tick off her sheet cos I had stayed quit, anyway I booked in to see her in two weeks to see if she can help or maybe just to have a rant at her!. i feel that now ive quit for 2 months everyone thinks its easy and you have forgotten about smoking but I havent and its really hard at the moment. I know what I have to do know, read up etc but I just want to feel happy and tollerant again, i want to stop snapping at everyone, Im 70 days quit today and if anyone has similar experience at this time to share and how you dealt with it would really help me greatly


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Hi Sam :)

First off Congratulations on your 70 day quit

Oh dear that bloody nurse didn't help a bit did she

I don't think at this stage it's lack of fags as such although you may still miss them and want the odd one now and then OK

I think your body is still readjusting to you not feeding it a diet of chemicals, it takes time for it to do that and it is something it will do in it's own time

The nicotine is long gone now, but who knows how long it will take for the other poisons to be completely gone

Why not do some more reading, it will help I'm sure

But I promise that as B B says it really does get better all the time


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


i feel that now ive quit for 2 months everyone thinks its easy and you have forgotten about smoking but I havent and its really hard at the moment.

Hi Moog,

I'm not quite 2 months quit yet, but I know what you are saying. I guess I still want people to be impressed that I haven't smoked for what seems like an absolute age!

But then, most of them don't know what I've been going through, so why would they be impressed. After all, I've got it licked. Haven't I?

I've been pretty irritable over the last few weeks. Maybe I'm hanging on to thoughts of "giving something up - missing an old friend - i used to like a smoke now and then" etc etc.

So in some ways now is the time to be stronger, even more determined. And to definitely NOT let my guard down.

I read posts, with a little envy, of those who have quit a long time and hardly ever think about smoking now or get craves. I WILL get there. (And then I can be one of the so-and-so's writing posts like that. Hehe. :D)

Keep strong




I just want to feel happy and tollerant again, i want to stop snapping at everyone, Im 70 days quit today and if anyone has similar experience at this time to share and how you dealt with it would really help me greatly


Are you happy to be a non-smoker? I think that is key.... if you're moping, wishing for that fag, feeling deprived you WILL be pissed off. I would be as well. My last quit lasted almost 3 months and I swear I was a bitch almost every day..... in a way I think I was so angry to give myself no way out and start smoking again..... and I did. Smoked for another 2 years before finally trying to quit again. I am happy to be a non-smoker now and it makes it easier. Still think of them every day and mental cravings can be powerful but a positive mind set squashes them easy!!! I wish I could tell you what store you can buy 'happy' from but it is all in your mind. Happiness is within kinda thing! Check how and what you are thinking about when you get angry and try to ****yze those thoughts...... then post them on here and maybe it can help you form new thoughts with help from others..... Take care..... 70 days is so GREAT :D


****yze = a n a l y z e :D No dirty mind here!!! How funny :D


thanks guys, I see what you are all saying, maybe I just needed to come on here for a rant and get some good vibes and realign my thoughts.

Im going to make a list of all the things I love about being a non smoker, I already know they far outweigh smoking. Sometimes I get a little bit caught up in feeling sorry for myself and need abit of a pep talk from the people who know how it feels. I just find it hard sometimes. thanks for your replies and I will be posting more often to stay strong x


Hi Moog

I was advised to write a journal after falling again, and I have been doing that every day even if it is only a few words and it has so helped. When ever I have thought about doing that in the passed I just felt 'oh cant be bothered, whats the point' etc. This time I did it, it is somewhere I can be honest with myself, swear at myself and pour my heart out. I read back and can actually advise myself as though I am looking at myself in a different way.

If that makes sense ;)


Hi! I know exactly what you mean. I gave you 3 months ago using Champix, and it albeit I have found it easier than most things I've tried, it isn't a miracle cure, BUT the people around you sometimes, because they see you coping and getting on with life, don't realise the day-to-day torment it still has on you. I sometimes feel, as long as you are smiling and outwardly happy, everyone thinks you've cracked it. How wrong they are? I wake up every day with the first thought being "today is another day, I can do this". I got very grumpy around people too. I think this is just a natural thing that happens. You see, what the doctors don't tell you us, you can get rid of the nicotine dependency, but what about the thought processes and the way your brain ticks. It doesn't resolve that and it is exactly that that I have difficulty with and it gets me so grumpy at times. I feel like I'm the only one that can't have fun in a situation because I have to sit there concentrating on just getting through it without thinking about cigs!!! I did find out however recently that my partner wants me to be more open about how I feel, so he can at least try and help on the bad days. He said that as I try and put a happy, smiley, I'm beating this outside on, he doesn't realise what is going on inside. In that respect, I have to agree with him. The best thing is to be open and honest about how you feel and then the people closest might understand a bit better. By the way, my partner is a non-smoker and never has smoked in his life, so he hasn't a clue at all. Now, I think, he understands better.....GOOD LUCK! and stick with it and keep it real...:D


thanks guys for your support, i have still to make that list and I think now is a good time to do it! I have realised this moodiness is probably down to me making myself like that and I am upsetting people in the process which I certainly dont want to do.

there is something that is stopping me from smoking, some kind of inner strength that I should be glad is there rather than trying to test it all the time. that inner strength has helped me in this journey and is getting stronger every day, its a part of me and I should feel proud that its there, I should feel proud of me. I havent smoked now for 74 days. I know that I dont need fags to stop me from getting stressed, Im learning that I dont need to replace fags with food now Im working on feeling good, happy and really proud of myself for being a non smoker.


thanks caroline, I know it's great I just need to get that into my thick grumpy head! Im writing a list now :)


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