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Asking for help after 88 days

Hi everyone,

I am hopeless at asking for help but have to admit to myself that I need help with this stop smoking stuff. I quit on the 23rd January and although i have struggled a bit (well shit loads really) what I am struggling with now is stopping the NRT. I did the patches for 6 weeks then went on to the chewing gum which I am now finding really hard to give up, its as though I am holding on to it as a substitue crutch if that makes any sense. I know its stupid but if anyone can offer me any advise or just kick my arse I would be grateful.... Thanks


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Hi Minimoo and welcome to the Forum :)

Congrats on your near 3 months quit too :cool:

Unlike you I didn't go the NRT route in quitting. But from reading here I'd suggest that you could try to reduce the strength of the NRT you are currently using. You mention the gum but I'm unsure if it's like the patches which get smaller and smaller in strength. Possibly it's just to try and reduce the amount of gum you take on a daily basis.

If you do try to reduce the amount of gum used daily then interestingly we recently came across the 'tapering method' of quitting cigs. That's when a person tries to only have 3 or 4 cigs a day. Not advocating that you go backwards and start smoking again...heaven forfend :eek: But the advice was that the peron quitting using the tapering method stops all cigs in the 3rd week. Working on that basis you could set a stop date for the gum of say 3 weeks time.

Others will hopefully come along and suggest other possible routes you may wish to explore :)

Used up my allotment of back to work, sadly [/sad smilie]


Try donuts.



I've quit cold turkey but have quit using patches before. I'd try the tapering down method. Rip a piece of your gum...the same sized piece then after a week rip off a bigger piece. With nicotine gum you're not supposed to chew it for long but hold it against the side of your mouth. I'd say you could get down to quite a small piece before having to give it up altogether. Good luck and congrats on your quit so far.

Lisa x


Try the lozenges...under the tongue! I used 1/2 until I did

not need them anymore...I am on DAY 101! You are doing GREAT!:D


Well done on 88 days.

I used gum from the start to help my quit. I can quite understand how it could become addictive.

I only used 2 or 3 gums per day. What I did do is chew one gum for the morning then have a couple of hours without any then in the afternoon have another gum for the afternoon. I would then use another gum for the evening if needed. I would sometimes take it out but wrap it and use it again later, this way I still had the gum but of course by then it was much weeker. The other thing you could do is use just half a tablet and gradually reduce the strength. As it would probably be a bit small to chew properly you could buy some ordinary gum and mix it so you have plenty to chew on.

Good luck


Hey moo, I didn't use NRT so I'm not really qualified to advise on that, but I would say, try not to panic. If you are worried by it then keep using the gum, cut down on the NRT as gently as you can, but remember - you've come a really long way without smoking. You've beaten so many of your demons already, this is just one more.

And, I might add this demon makes a big growly noise but when you look him square in the face, he's pretty pathetic, just like all the others. You're bigger and stronger. Kick him into touch!

And be proud. You're doing brilliantly.

H x


Hey moo I used patches for the whole 12 weeks gradually weaning down until zero. by 88 days you should be on a very small dose, which your body should be used to and wont suffer any significant withdrawals when you stop it all together.. when i stopped using nrt i didnt suffer any withdrawals, i expected some but got zilch.... if your really scared of having to stand on your own 2 nicotine free feet then i would spend a week using the lowest dose patches and make it clear to myself that when they are done then i go nicotine free, trust me it doesnt hurt, I found a couple of deep breathes helpful.



I completely understand

Hi Marie

Just to say I completely understand. I quit over 5 months ago, but am still fearful of giving up the NRT (minis, in my case) - I do see them as a crutch and find it hard to imagine coping without them. I also, sadly, see myself as a less successful quitter than those who are coping without NRT, and I don't post very much because I feel, well, a bit of a fraud.

That said, I am replying to your post because I do think the important thing is that WE ARE NOT SMOKING. NRT as an 'aid to quitting' is definitely a double edged sword, but I know I couldn't have got this far without it. But it is rather like quitting in two jumps, rather than one (cold turkey) and I think I'm still gathering my strength for the second stage ....

Like most aspects of stopping smoking, I think the bottom line is getting your head in the right place. At that point, but only then, I'm sure it will be less of a battle than those we have already undertaken.

Meanwhile, congratulate yourself on your quit so far, and there are some great tips in the other replies for when you're ready.



Hi Minimoo,

Good advice here - I had a friend who chewed gum for years .. we lost touch so I don't know if he gave it up eventually or not. I would go for the chopping the gum in two or reducing the strength, even replacing it with regular chewing gum might help as a kind of placebo.

I think HereWeGo raised a valid point about continuing use of NRT prolonging the effects of the changeover from being a smoker to being nico-free. You aren't doing yourself any favours by continuing with the nicotine ups and downs.

On a previous quit I sucked lozenges for months but did eventually wean off them .. I don't recall it being a conscious decision but it did take a while - probably about 6 months I'd guess...

I am probably too much of a coward to stop nicotine AND cigarettes at the same time but wanted out of the nico-grasp asap so this time decided to rid myself of the psychological habits associated with smoking and after a month stopped all NRT. Still have occasional urges for something, not quite sure what, but coming off the NRT really wasn't too bad. There are still emergency e-cigs in my drawer but I since I didn't use them much I don't really associate with them. This, or something you aren't used to, might be an option to get yourself off the NRT you are currently using.

You have already done the hard bit by giving up smoking and that's what matters.

Maybe you just need to take the bull by the horns and wean yourself off the NRT too.

Best of luck.

Suze x

PS chocolate is a much better option than donuts Alex! ;)


stopping N.R.T.

Good Morning Marie, a.k.a:-Minimoo; Michael from Glasgow wittering on as if he's the smoking cessation guru of the North. Can only suggest that you follow Chavalier's advice and wean yourself off the patchs by reducing the dosage. The problem your having is not uncommon as patchs do contain nicotine hence the various strengths to try and alleviate the withdrawal systoms.

I found as I was gradually reducing the patch strength that it was my own confidence which dictated when to reduce the dosage then finally stop using the patchs altogether.

Perso****ly I didn't using any other products such as gum,lozenges etc as like the patchs they also contain nicotineand present the same problem as the patchs.

Regards and Best wishes with your quit.



Sticking around

Thanks everyone... All your advise has helped a lot. I have thought about everything over the weekend and I have decided to try and go NRT free as from today, I have substituted NRT gum with normal gum... so fingers crossed.

I think I am worried about coming off NRT completely because I really dont want to start smoking again I have never quit for this long before and I am enjoying been an ex-smoker.

I am not sure if I am strong enough to do it on my own without NRT... but if I dont try I will never know... GOODBYE NRT and hello freedom.

I have only just found and joined this forum after 3 months of not smoking but if no-one minds I think I will stick around a while, no matter how far we are into a quit we all need a little help and this seems like a great place to be right now.


I hope you didn't take me up on the donuts! :eek: The weight-loss classes are getting awfully full these days, and it's not like there are even a lot if us... We just take up a lot of room! :D



Move over


I take all advise very seriously... I went out and bought a big bag of jam donuts, ate the lot and felt great. Goodbye nictotine chewing gum, hello Alex's wonder cure. Lol


Oh dear! We may just be able to squeeze you in... Make way, folks Biggymoo.... umm, I mean Minimoo is on the way :D




Yes I am panicking too, I will be finishing my 12 week programe with the Chemist on Wed, so will be on nothing at all. Do you think I should buy some gum or something I don't want to start smoking again for sure.


Im now on donut replacement patches :D


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