Day 8 and feeling anxious

I put out my last cigarette on 17 September 2015 and I am delighted how well I am doing, just taking one day at a time. Day 3, 4 and 5 were probably the worst for me with cravings but I kept telling myself having a cigarette could kill me whereas the cravings won't.....I was also an emotional wreak, could burst into tears at any time, restless, coughing, sense of smell has big time increased and still not sleeping well, only sleeping 5 hours and waking up wide awake. But hopefully these will pass within the next couple of weeks. My main feeling at the moment is anxiety and nervous that I may be having it too easy and is it going to get worse with regards the cravings and relapsing. I am terrified of relapsing, my husband is off them over a year and he did say the first 4 - 5 weeks are the hardest and he had severe cravings around week 4. I know I need to take one day at a time, but any advice on daily motivators that may help

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  • Well, I'm no example to anyone because of all my relapses in the past, saying that, I agree with your husband...I have a serious problem with anxiety and nerves.I set up a plan before I started this time, it's easy, stopped the caffeine not because it's a trigger but to be calmer. 3 litres of water a day ( actually works really well) and avoid tension. At the moment and for the time being, if anything is annoying me, I excuse myself from the situation immediately. A lot of sleep, and camomile tea. If that doesn't keep me calm, I'll go down to the Gp and get calmants, whatever it takes to get through the next 6 weeks. Good luck and keep posting, there will always be someone here with a shoulder for you ;)

  • Thanks for the reply mmaya, will try the water especially at work, will be very busy at work over the next few weeks with being trained up on new tasks which hopefully won't be a trigger for me - might actually be good to keep my mind busy at work...hopefully!

  • Rowens I too suffer with anxiety and I have lost many a quit to it! The action of deep breathing when u feel the anxiety coming on can help, you know when we were smokers and you got stressed and had a cig, it wasn't the cig that calmed you down but the action of deep breathing while you smoked, try it next time you feel anxious it really does help, hope u have a better day tomorrow :)

  • Thanks Donna, I actually started doing the deep breaths yesterday and they do really help, I am off work this week so its easier to head outside and take deep breaths when a craving comes along, Today is a good day so far. So happy I found this forum :)

  • The virtual cigarettes lol it really works well...add the water to it, I remember reading abt the water and thinking to myself that it was nonsense, but I can tell you that it isn't, I've been doing it for the last week and it really works, stay strong!

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