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No Smoking Day
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day 8 and feeling tense

Today - day 8 - it's almost as bad as day 3, without the tears. Hubby and I are going out with friends now so I hope that'll distract me. No, I am not afraid that I'll smoke tonight, I know I won't. Should I ever smoke again, I've swore to myself it wouldn't be out of frustration or sorrow. I'm not sure it makes sense to you, I hope you know what I mean.

Anyway, I have been very anxious all day. I feel the 'beast' f****** strong and whispering sweet temptations in my ear :(

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I'm sorry you are feeling so horrible today! We have all had those terrible days. Be strong and keep busy, it will pass and before you know it, you will be on day 9. You are doing an amazing job, keep up the great work! Deep breaths, call a friend, type to us, take a walk or have a nap. Stay strong - you can do it!


Hi Francessca

Enjoy you evening out bet you feel much better 2moro and yes I do know what you mean. Your doing fab day 8 allmost day 9 Linda xxxx


Hi Francesca,

Well done for having that positive atttitude, you will be fine I am sure.

I found that day 3 and day 9 were my worst days so far, so yours are day 3 and day 8 and things will get better tomorow I am sure.

Stay strong and keep thinking positive.

Befly x x


oooo Me to Francessca. Today has been my worst day so far - day 10.

The Crunchies have been too much at times but resisted buying any smokey joes.

Well done to you and hang in there - I bet tomorrow will be a better day for both of us.

It's a bit like having contractions in child birth having the crunchies - they come in waves; they drive you nuts when they're their to the point you want to do some serious damage or smoke, and then they leave and all is well.

Take Care Francessca and I'll look out for you.



Aw, thanks guys. I've just come back home, we spent a nice evening out, and I'm proud to say I succeeded in staying withOUT sigarettes :) Our friend introduced us to his new girfriend, who is a lovely person and yay! she doesn't smoke :D He, on the other hand, has been trying for a month now to stay below 5 cigs a day, while my hubby is now settled on about 1 cig a day - so we all ended up talking about smoke for a big part of the evening and it was fun, we laughed a lot at each other and the tension left me and all is good ;)

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my rants and encourage me and comfort me, you're all truly adorable *hugs to all*


Well done Francesca x x

You did all the hard graft!!

Everyone here just paved the way for you x x


Well done Francessca - You Go Girl!!!

What a great example and inspiration to your fella and friends you are.

Hugs to you




It's half past two a.m. here now and in a couple hours it will be my Day 9 - just wanted to share with you how good I'm feeling and how HAPPY I am that I made it today without smoking despite the 'monkey on my back' being more aggressive than ever today :D

Two lessons I want to keep in mind:

1) no matter how miserable and/or sick/mad/annoyed/*insert adjective of choice here* you feel, those horribly bad moments go away. It might be later than sooner, but still they DO go away, and after that you feel more relaxed and in peace than ever.

2) Tecnically, nicotine is out of our system within the first week so on day 8 we certainly do not need to smoke. Cravings are just mind tricks now. The cigs' monster is starting to get the feeling we're really going to let it starve to death...so it starts to scream louder than ever. I intend to calmly ignore those false urges, and patiently cure that part of my brain that wants me to believe I depend on cigarettes ;)


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