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Terrible 3

Hi all

Work today has been just awful. Nasty stressful atmosphere in the air, and that empty feeling in the back of my throat.

But I have powered through and I'm so******ing tonight with non smokers so that should be a bit easier.

Think psychologically for me Day 3 is a bit of a hurdle. Don't know why. Any clues? Is it because the initial excitement of being a non smoker is over?

Anyway, going to get the hell out of this office, thanks everyone for your support. It's much appreciated.

Helen x

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Hi Helen :D

3 days is great well done Big Hug

Sorry you ahd a stressful day at work,but enjoy your night out with non smokers


Marg xxxxxxxx


well done

Well done Helen, day 3 is very hard for peeps, hang in there ;) We're all rooting for you :)


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