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No Smoking Day
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The Terrible Threes Arrive

Open the double doors VERY wide and welcome

Chrisitine, Frenchy and Elaine.

Large chairs here ladies and a variety of fruit smoothies at the bar.

Well done to you all

Big Hugs

Lorna xx

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Miracles do happen then Ladies?

Who'd of thought hey? 3 Months completed and now a move on and upwards to Month 4.

Congrats to Christine, Corrine and Elaine :D

Feelings of despair, anger, emotions all over the place, excessive eating/drinking.... hopefully that's all behind us now....... and if not, then due to the odd stone or two gained, can't be seen.

Onwards and forwards with humour, smiles and less eating........

To continued smokefreedom and the Penthouse :cool:

Big Wide Hugs xx


Well done ladies

Will be at that penthouse before you know it

Massive ;) hugs to you all

Tinks xx



Well you did it...and with great humour, which has kept most of us going!!!

Hope you like the quorn and tofu cake...it shouldn't add to the hips so tuck in!!!

Big round of applause for you all!



Get out of my way I need to see the bar! Large red if you don't mind.

Cheers my lovelies it is very nice to be here and I'm sure Elaine and Corrine will be over shortly after they have cleaned our room in month 3!

Pol - Excessive drinking over??? Is it? When were we supposed to stop??:D

I would like to thank my fellow Octo quitters for dragging me through month 2 and even though I do not have favourites I would like to thank Pol and Lorna who keep the rest of us laughing (it's like having 2 mothers though!!) and who are the back bone of the group.

I must admit I'm actually feeling good, cravings are a lot less, mood swings have evened out and I am in general a happy little soul (except I'm fat!!:p)

Cheers people, the penthouse in St Barts is looking closer.


Take cover everyone

Christine is about to realise that its a low fat non alcoholic bar in Month4 to assist with the weight loss.

This will not be pretty...



Somewhere on here is a post from Christine requesting, nay DEMANDING, a booze free January and giving warning about such in Month 4.

Obviously red wine in copious amounts has fuddled her memory......


Christine ,

You feel we are your Mothers?????

*removes fruit smoothies and puts Christine on the naughty step*


Christine ,

You feel we are your Mothers?????

*removes fruit smoothies and puts Christine on the naughty step*

make sure it is the extra large, reinforced naughty step... :D


:D I have no idea why I put up with you two for!! Right pass me a diet coke (I hate fruit) and pass a cushion as this step is so hard for my lardy backside.

Question - The no booze thing is only for January, right?:confused:


*Passes a diet coke (with lemon and lime in it) and large fluffy soft cushion*

Yes, this is only for January...... most definitely

*I'll be sneaking in something come Friday, don't worry*


aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sips a long and beautiful large bombay gin and FULL fat tonc* mmmmmmmmmmmm lovely

well done you all x


shhh Jack, we weren't letting on about out the secret stash....



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