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No Smoking Day
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officially started day 3

Well day 2...u proved to be a bit of a toughy...but i got through it with help from u guys and NRT :)

Day 3...let's be having ya...oh and what a way to start day 3 than with a new job :) can't wait to start a new job as a non smoker

Bring it on :)

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Allo Philip, not tooooo long ago, I was in Day 3, and really leaning on the folks in this lovely forum to get me through. Well done on hitting Day 3, read often, post often !


Well done on getting to day 3 philip!

The hardest part is almost behind you now.

Great news on your new job, especially as you will be starting as a non-smoker!


Good morning day 3 is here, sending good vibes your way today, as each day passes, those nasty withdrawals symptoms will become easier and easier, weaker and weaker.

Doing fantastic, just hang tight to your quit to day.:):)

You can do it


Well done for getting through and holding on Phil! :D

I have to say my heart was in my mouth logging in this morning in case you hadn't made it. But you did and with flying colours by the sound of it. May your first day in the new job go really, really well. As has been said, it's the perfect opportunity to really establish the new, non-smoking you as they won't have known you any other way.

By the end of today you'll have made it through the difficult first three days and if my experience is anything to go by, it is never quite as hard again. Yes, you'll have difficult moments but it does ease off and those moments start to become weaker and further apart.

Here's to you heading towards your first full week! :)


Just posted on your day two thread, should have checked this one first :o.

I'm glad you got through yesterday ok, good luck for today - keep posting on here. Congrats on the new job, starting a new job as a smoker is worrying as you don't know if they are all non smokers or not, but YOU don't have to worry about it so it's all good. :):)


You said goodbye to day 2. Well done on Day 3. Tough old world eh? Can you take yourself back to when you didn't smoke. I was eighteen. My mother smoked and always said that if we ever wanted to smoke, smoke away but I'll never buy you cigs she said. What made me smoke? I thought I was a big girl in front of my friends.

I certainly can not imagine saying that to my seventeen and 1/2 year old son in six months time. Good god. Even though I love my mother to bits, Im a big bit disappointed that she didn't give better advice to me at that age. I guess she couldn't be a hyprocrite so she dealt with it in the best way she could. . . by saying she would never buy them for me. At the age of 58 and on 40 cigs a day, she gave them up and has now been off them herself 10 years. A heart scare also gave her good reason to want to see the future. At 68 years old she has never looked back. Im so proud of her.

What would you say to a child of your own?

Thank God my son is in to fitness and sees them as dirt.

Long may you continue on your smokefree journey Phil.

Breathe free and stay safe

Paula D46


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