20 Weeks

I am stopped 20 weeks today - 140 days - I have not smoked 2,789 cigarettes - have saved 1 week 2 days 16 hours and 25 minutes of life - have saved £669.36.

Thanks to everyone who posts on here I don't think I would still be an non-smoker without your help. It's all I learnt here from people and reading the links that has kept me free. Sometimes I have felt down and thought a cigarette would sort it but then I would remember what I had read on here that it definitely would not make anything better, so I don't.

I did a post on the 100 day poll earlier today and said that my NHS Adviser still supports me although I no longer take NRT, she knows about this site and always takes an interest in what I tell her about it (I think she would secretly like to add it to her list to help people stop).

Love and best wishes to all of you.


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  • Awesome quittage!!

    Well done.


  • Hi Jackie,

    Bloody well done 100 days is brilliant:D


  • Hi Jackie :D

    WOW 100 days is brilliant well done you Huge Big Hug on it's way

    I'm really glad you had a good advisor I think they're few and far between

    mine was useless only went twice

    I relied on this forum and my Son for help, advice and support


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Many thanks Nic, Wayne and Marg, your wishes mean a lot to me.


  • Well done babes

    20 weeks thats fantastic your doing great. Good for you hunnie.xxxxx

  • Well done Jackie,

    140 days is brilliant. :D Keep strong


  • Hi Jackie,

    Bloody well done 100 days is brilliant:D

    oops, Well done 140 days, Even better:o:D


  • Thanks for your support Wayne, Linda and Deke.

    It makes my day to get my messages.

    Jackie x

  • Well done :) Cant wait to be at that stage :o

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