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Cleaning Frenzy

Made it through day 2. Didn't think about cigs much through the day time, kept myself busy at work. BUT when five thirty hit, man I wanted a cigarette. So I went to the gym, then came home and proceeded to clean for 3 hours. It has kept my mind off it till now but those thoughts are creeping back again. Hay ho, I suppose I can just smile, take myself off to bed and be proud that I didn't smoke today.

Would like to say thanks for all the support I've had so far. Thanks for the invite to join April Showers, good luck to all you guys. And a big thanks to P. for a few more creative tips. I especially liked no. 2 ;). Hope you made it through day 2 too pal. :)

Helen x

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Hi heleng23, well done on your 2 days quit, your doing fantastic and keeping yourself busy is a great way to get through those craves, and now you will be ready for a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed, (if you need anywhere else to clean i could do with some extra hands at my house ha ha), keep up the great work its well worth it!



thanks Tracy. I'll send the cleaning fairies your way lol!


Hi heleng23...........I'll PM you my address and you can pop round here for 3 hrs whenever you feel like it. Ha ha ha. ;) ;) ;)

It really does help to keep busy, and you are doing sooo well, keep strong. Love J. x x x


Hi Helen :D

Well done you on 2 days done that's great

You've been very busy and that really helps, I hope you had a good nights sleep and are ready to face your 3rd smoke free day

Be very proud of yourself


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done, hang in there the 1st week is usually a bit of an endurance.

Before you know it though you'll be racking up the months and enjoying your new smoke free life!

All the best




Hey, well done Helen!

One extra tip, if you haven't already done this, is to get some febreze (the lavender one is especially nice...err I am a guy, really) and get that home smelling extra fresh and non-smokery (have I just invented a new adjective? :p). Although by the sounds of it, you have got the place nice and ship-shape (and Bristol fashion).

Well done quit pal, hey b4 we know it we'll be in the second week. Keep it up, you're doing great.


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