No Smoking Day
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10 minutes clean

Wow - great sight, after around 20 years of smoking, i've had enough. Took my last drag 10 minutes ago and hopefully on a path to recovery now. It's great seeing that there are people on here that have been clean for a year well done all.

I've tried on many an occasion to quit - but somehow these are always failed and short lived. Lets hope this time I can quit it for good.

1 day at a time - can't wait to be promoted to the 2 day forum.

It will be interesting at work tomorrow as the stresses of working in banking usually drive me back to the terrible cigarettes.

I guess it's a case of breaking old routine habits

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hi and welcome

you sound in the perfect frame of mind for this quit

read and collect as much knowledge as possible and and even take one minuite, one hour, one day at a time

you have taken 20 years to learn to smoke in every possible situation and with every emotion you have to unlearn each trigger

but once you break each trigger it gets easier and easier

post if you need a rant or just wanna share something


Thanks for your words of support boo - i'm sure i'll be ranting at some stage... right now not feeling to bad :cool:


First day of the rest of your life!

Fantastic - you've taken the biggest step. And do come on here to have a shout if it all gets stressy and too much! I do understand that work pressures can make it easy to stop smoking, but I dealt with that by reminding myself of the stress I was causing by smoking... worrying about my health, worrying it was shortening my health, worrying about the money I was spending, worrying about smelling of yucky smoke when going into meetings, worrying about my partner and family worrying about me!!!

By stopping smoking you are taking one big worry out of your life. It can be amazingly empowering to take control and stop smoking.


Good luck LM. One of the things that you will learn is that smoking actually increases your stress, rather than helping it. You will still get stresses at work, but while you are smoking, you are constantly dealing with the additional stress of nicotine withdrawal as well.

I sat in a three hour meeting last week. When I was smoking, I would have found it intolerable because of not being able to smoke. After the first hour, I would be getting twitchy and irritable, and be losing my concentration. This time, I just found it intolerable because it was boring!


Good Luck LM . There is a lot of support on this forum. :D


Thanks all - so now it's starting to feel a little strange, quite fancy a cigarrete now... It seems pathetic, but am guessing everyone else goes through the same early challenges.

Best find a distraction


That nicotine monster comes and goes and the longer you manage ,the easier it will get. I was reading on here that sipping water helps...I try

to do that now. You will feel so much better tomorrow .:)


Good Luck and Wish's for your quit

Its maybe the best thing you ever did !

its all doable ... :)


I'm ashamed to say I never made it to day 2 - but I am not quitting quitting... I have had my final cigarette again so 10 minute clean again... this time catch you saturday for promotion to day 2 :)


Hey LonelyMe

You are not ALONE I will stay rite here and talk / hold your Hand through it!

you and I are gonna get you past the first day ! and from there we gonna get you past three days.

be strong and post !!!!


That's the spirit, Lonely Me, you can do this!!


keep going it will come :)


I understand you

I smoke for 10 years and quit 4 times. My last attempt to quit was two months ago. Last weekend I fell. I am really tired to try quitting...

Now I believe that I can kick my smoking habit. My motivation is not enough strong.

So, I am here on this forum. I need support like you need it.



what methods have you used to give up .. just will power?




Never give up trying one of these times your quit will stick ...good luck




Thanks for the support everyone - so still not smoked all day, but the day had a quite wierd feeling about it... The morning was ok but 10.30am at work and I missed going for a smoke... later on around 2 I was about to pack it in but thought - don't be silly and now have mad it through to the evening.

Luckily I have 2 weeks off work - and off to Centre Parks on monday so the change in atmosphere will be quality

We can do it all !


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