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New Milestones Reached

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Hi Eveyone :D

Free and healing for 160 days in that time I have

Not smoked 4,000 fags

Saved £1,100

Life saved 1 wk 6 days 21 hrs and 20 mins

Feeling very pleased with myself


Marg xxxxxx

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You are an insperation to me Marg. Thanks for all your posts and all the help you give us all. YOUR A STAR CONGRATULATIONS

Well done!



Hi hopeful and Lee :D :D

Thankyou both so much I almost missed them as not looked at quit meter for about a week


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Well done Marg,

what a trooper you are. I can't thank you enough for your help and dedication to other quitters. Love J. x:)

PS.....where's the quit meter????:cool:

Hi J :D

Thankyou so much if I have been able to help you at all that makes me happy

I'll PM you an address foe a quit meter OK


Marg xxxxxxxx

Margaret you must feel great with all that under your belt, cant wait till I am in that position. Your family must be so proud of you. The help you give is amazing x

Hi marg, 160 smoke free days, thats wonderfull, you are a lovely person and such a help, thank you and well done!


Hi Mel and Tracy :D :D

I do feel great and yes my family are proud of me

If I've been able to help you at all that makes me very happy

You'll get there Mel remember all those days add up to weeks and then months

Also remember the old saying


Love to you both

Marg xxxxxxxxx

well done marg

i have not been able to understand how you all calculated the give up stats... and thanks to your tip I now have a quit metre ...

although im into third week its only 2 weeks 4 days but it feels like a lifetime...

and marg you are a role model for what can be achieved if one puts ones mind to it..

your an inspiration!!!!


Well done, its a lovely feeling being smoke free, am starting to feel the benefits myself now and so is OH.


xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

Hi Jane and Pupalug :D :D

Thank you both for your good wishes and kind words

Yes it's great being smoke free after so many years

Love to you both


Hi Jim :D

Thankyou so much

Well done to you as well on 6 mths 11days that's great I must be about a month behind you so make sure you keep me a place in the Penthouse or there'll be trouble OK

I think you may well be the only man I know who wishes he'd spent more money on something HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxxx

hi marg .. its all been said,so proud off you marg.and i am sure stu is as well,,lol,,you keep the faith tony and of couse you keep :D:D:D

Hi Tony :D

Thank you so much I'm proud of me to and also proud of you as well

We'll definitely make it to the Penthouse and Linda as well

Am keeping the faith and seem to have a permanent :D :D :D on my face these days


Marg xxxxxxxxx

hi marg ,,you are most wellcome,not to far off 6 months , they say ,TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO MAN,lol tony,,just you all keep the faith and most off all keep :D:D:D

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Marg,

Well done on your new milestone. Still some way behind - but I know I will never catch you :D but that won't stop me trying!


Hi Deke :D


You keep trying to catch me HA HA keep running or as they say in Norfolk

Keep a traushing

I'll save you a place in the Penthouse OK


Marg xxxxxxxx

Congratulations Marg 160 days, you are brilliant.


Jackie xx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Mrs H! :D

Hi Jackie and Nic :D :D

thank you both so much I don't know where the time goes seems to be flying by and them milestones seem to get quicker and quicker

Love to both

Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Caroline :D

Thankyou very much


Quit Mummy Marg xxxxxxxxxx

And as usual I am so way late with my congrats.... but hugs to you mommy quit! Great job you! :D:D MUAH

Hi Bella :D

Thank you so much

Big Hug by return and keep :D :D


Mommy Quit xxxxxxxx

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