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That milestone moment

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Three months today:cool: Cant believe i have it made this far. Thanks for all the support encouragement from you guys and gals:D

Long may it continue.

Bin off the Champix for three days now and feel OK

Have a happy smoke free day folks


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Hey Mark, thats absolutely BRILLIANT!! Well done mate and here's to the next 3 ... and the next 3 ... and the next 3 and then it will be a YEAR!

Well done, the coffe I am drinking atm is in honour of your quit :D

same remarks as CW except i can spell coffee!! :D :D :D

Brilliant news Mark!

Really well done

*Raises cup of tae to salute you*;)

Ouch, I just bit the inside of my lip, it hurts :( Poor me.

Well done Mark. I'm nipping at yer heels...are ye skeered? :eek:

coffe - a variation on coffee but more refined, definitely not to be drunk by fat b*stards called gary.


Well Done Mark Your doing just fab congrats. linda xxx

Brilliant Mark! Well Done! :)

I never noticed any difference when I came off Champix either :)

*raises her mug of Nescafe Decaff ;)

Congrats Mark.... not far behind me then.

Gawd, we should feel *smug* :);)

Thanks a lot guys. I will still keep my guard up, but feeling good about the whole thing. Got to go and be the first to fly on this the longest day:D

Sunrise from the air anyone:cool:

Have a geat weekend


cancelled due to weather:mad:

Congratulations on you three month mark, sorry to here you flights cancelled - it's pretty grotty weather here to - is there a chance you could go later if the weather improves? you could still be the first in the sky - shame about the sunrise though but there's always tomorrow.



Awww Thats crap Mark. Bet you was looking forward to it too.

You know, after reading your posts about your gliding stuff, it planted lil thoughts inside my head about taking up some activity. Been in a bit of a rut lately and reading some of your posts when you talk about gliding seems to stir something within me to start some brand new activity and start living a bit.

Sooooooo, the lake I take my dog too, they do sailing 'n other stuff...I'm debating whether to join that. I just want to be a bit more adventurous! I have been so lazy these last few months and not had much enthusiasm for anything, so I read about you doing 'your thang' it makes me wanna start doing more in life...taking up different lil ventures. So, thanks for that! I'm just going to make some enquiries at the Lake's offices and see where I go from there...:D

Congrats for your 3 months. What a fantastic way to celebrate, flying totally free from earthly problems. Hope you get the opportunity soon. :)

good on you

Well Done you:)

Thanks sue, I have the week off work to practice for a comp that's coming up. So I will get my, ever expanding butt in the air eventually:D

Maddy go for it! This ain't no rehearsal you know.

Sailing, using the elements its all good stuff:cool:


Hey Mark, is that a vid of you in that glider?

No, not me, but it is some of my friends. They made a really good vid but wasent given the credit they deserved.:mad:

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