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Reached another milestone!!!!

Hi all!!!

Been a long time since i posted just thought i'd pop in to tell you all i have reached

200 Days!!!!

I have found i hate smoking and anything associated with smoking and i feel sorry for all those who are BLIND to their addiction and think they CHOOSE to smoke. Rant over lol.

Hello to all who know me and hiya to all those on their road to recovery.


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I am on Champix and have quit smoking for 13 days. So far, so good.

How long did it take you to feel like a non-smoker?


Well done Rebecca on a fantastic 200 days and keep it up girl. Also well done to you too Canuck after your 13 days and on your way to 200 as well. David


Good to see you're still going strong, Rebecca! Congratulation on 200 days. I must have missed mine a week or so ago :rolleyes: I think that means we're doing well :cool:


Think?? We are all doing brilliantly well! Well done rebecca, I got into a conversation the other day with someone who says they are not addicted, they enjoy it! Smiled smugly.


200 days is a great place to be! well done you!!

I plan to post a similar one to this when i reach my 200 days, i'm in my 3rd month (started today), but have long term plans of being quit and free, so no doubts at all will see 200 days.

Again well done!!


I am getting there!!!

Congratulations and good to see you!!!!!




Magic Rebecca and Bella on your 200 days, isn't it great?



Hi Rebecca and Bella

Well doe both on 200 days




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