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Day 12/13

Hi all, day 12/13, OH says 13 as he did not smoke from 9.30 pm on night of 13 April so that is what we are saying now, I did not smoke from 10.30 that night. Yesterday 24 Apr was bad day, snapped each others head off, what with having kitchen done etc.

Staying strong, weekend to go, have been busy this am but am now looking forward to some lunch prob sandwich and coffee then get on again.

Speak to you all soon.

Stay strong

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

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Hi pupalub :D

well done on day 13 I'm Sorry you both had a bad day yesterday and hope today is better

Lunch sounds good to me and then have to sort the greenhouse out as have just bought some tomato plants


Marg xxxxxx



Have done what gardening we can do for now, its something we both enjoy, we also have a pond with Koi they keep us busy as well. New plants coming early May for garden, more work. Have a good weekend.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxxx


Hi Babes

So very pleased your both doing so well. Sorry you had a bad day but maybe you would of had one even if you had not been quitting. Sometimes its stressful having work do in the house. Give my best to you and hubby tell him well done.xxxxx


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