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Brain dead

I just want to apologise for any spelling mistakes or rubbish I post as at the moment I dont seem to be functioning very well. Had a lot of craves this morning so far had a call from the drs surgery and he wants to see Mum monday morning but wont tell me the results, she wasnt supposed to go back till May for the results. I know it is probably nothing but now I am worrying like mad. Work is going ok on her house they have done the two flat roofs, next will be the windows then the kitchen to bring it up to standard as Mum wont leave her house and my disabled brother wont either.

I just feel very uptight at the moment dont want a cig even though I am getting craves this is the sort of time I would be sat chain smoking and snapping at my OH. It all about learning to cope with things with out the cigs and that I am finding hard. Mark has had to go to work this morning so he will be tired when he gets home so will be snoring on the settee so think I will take the dog out when he gets back save me tip toeing around lol.

Sorry just needed to let it out :o

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Mel hun

Just left you a post in hopefuls thread. so sorry you feel stressed hun I know it will be hard at the mo to stop yourself caving but you will be proud when the worring time is passed and it will pass Im sure. My oldest son (32) is an alcoholic almost lost him more than once it is worrying about him that makes me cave mostly. but he is drinking really bad again and ive stayed smoke free because it didnt help the other times I caved exept made me feel worse. we are here for you hun walking may help you good idea. Thinking of you.xxxxxx


Hi Linda thanks for your reply, I know what you mean I keep going though it in my head and it will just make things 10 times worse if I do smoke wont help one bit know that from my previous fails. Feel for you with your son my cousin was the same it is hard to watch. big hugs to you X


You've got so much going on right now and you havn't lit up! This should show you that your getting stronger and more determined.

Enjoy your walk with the dog, say well done to Mark from me and remember to be good to you too.



Hi Mel :D

I'm so sorry you've got all this stress and worry at the moment but well done you not reaching for the fags

I can understand how worried you are at present, but remember that smoking will not alter anything, all it would do would be to make you angry with yourself afterwards

Hang in there you can get through this and then you'll be so much stronger

Please don't apologise for this as you say you needed to let it out, and I'll bet you feel better for doing it


Marg xxxxxxx


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