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day three

Yesterday (day 2) was hard in the morning, easy in the afternoon and really hard in the evening, my mind was saying to me just have one to get you through and then you won't have anymore. but I said no and just remembered how ciggarettes were making me feel, smell etc. so now on day three and this morning was a little easier only a little though but am here now and still have not smoked:


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Small steps still make up make 100 of miles ;)

Just take each day as it comes Carole! after the first week you will find it just gets easier and easier! Keep up the good work hun x


Your doing great!! Just keep going and you'll get there.



Hi Carol

Well done hun day three you are doing great the first few days are the worse. just take each day as it comes it gets easyer sooner than you think.

Do anything to keep you busy but not one puff or you will never get past the worse bit.xxxxxxxx


Hi Carol :D

Day 3 that's great well done you and although it was hard you beat those Demons off just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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